Update II | Marko furious over Aston Martin car: ‘We have evidence that data has been downloaded’

The FIA ​​has investigated Aston Martin’s semi-new car. The British racing stable has arrived at the Spanish Grand Prix with side pods that look suspiciously designed by RB18. This is somewhat suspicious as some Red Bull Racing staff have switched to Aston Martin. The FIA ​​has already given the AMR22 the green light.

Aston Martin has not started the season in a good way. The stable struggled at the bottom in the opening phase and forced the team to think about the concept of AMR22. The team eventually decided to switch to a ‘new’ concept. The car looks suspiciously similar to the Red Bull car, which means that the AMR22 has already been given the name ‘Green Red Bull’ in the fold. According to Auto, Motor and Sport The FIA ​​therefore decided to take a look at Silverstone.

The similarities between the cars are clear. When some former Red Bull employees switched to Aston Martin, the FIA ​​decided to visit the British racing stable on Tuesday and Wednesday. “They were looking to see if information had been exchanged, but the FIA ​​has already given the green light to Aston Martin. The FIA’s results were that the car was manufactured at the factory without the help of anyone outside.”

Aston Martin already tested the B version in November

Aston Martin were quick to deny allegations that they had copied Red Bull’s car. According to the racing stable, this B version had been in the pipeline since November. “If we had only started the program after the first race, we would not have had a B-version for the race in Barcelona at all,” says one engineer. Auto, Motor and Sport† “We were able to display FIA images and data from our wind tunnel from last fall. We have shown that we have not copied anything. ‘

However, Aston Martin first chose a completely different concept. The team admits it was the wrong choice. “The values ​​in the wind tunnel kept getting better and it showed that we wanted excellent downforce. A month later we found out we were not making any progress at all. We had to keep increasing the ride height of the car as the car generated more downforce. As a result, the car was no longer in the correct working window, “said the engineer. The B version should suffer less under posingwhich must enable the vehicle to travel at a lower altitude.

Flexibility built into the Aston Martin

Aston Martin’s motorsport engineer, Mike Krack, says at Sky Sports that Aston Martin has not committed any illegal acts and has designed its car flexibly to make updates easier: ‘We always bring updates. We managed to improve the car from Imola to Miami. These updates are very visible and big changes for the car, so we took it easy and we have been careful. “

According to the engineer, the team did not encounter any problems: ‘We were able to run a normal program. When we launched the car, we already mentioned that we have built-in flexibility where we can make changes. So we took advantage of that with these updates. You should ask Red Bull if they have any problems with it, we have been given the green light by the FIA ​​so we are happy, says Krack.

Update 15.30 (20/05) | Red Bull on Aston Martin car: ‘Will take action if it turns out to be illegal’

Red Bull has responded to the situation at Aston Martin with a statement. The team has been to the FIA ​​with engineers from Aston Martin to check the car and its design. The main focus was on whether Aston Martin did not copy Red Bull in its update and designed the updates themselves. The FIA ​​approved Aston Martin’s car, but Red Bull continues to keep an eye on it: “Counterfeiting is the biggest compliment, so we are flattered. If the FIA ​​approves the car, we will be happy, but if illegal acts are committed, we will take action. to action, “said the Austrian team.

Update II 15.45 (20/05) | Marko furious over Aston Martin car: ‘We have evidence that data has been downloaded’

Helmut Marko is less nuanced around the Aston Martin car. The Red Bull Racing adviser has also seen the Aston Martin car and does not appear to be letting it rest. The Austrian even says he has evidence against the British racing stable. If this evidence is correct, the story could have a big tail.

Red Bull’s reaction was still somewhat calm, but Marko is clearly furious at the Aston Martin car. The FIA ​​has already given the team from Silverstone the green light, but the man from Graz can not let go. ‘According to the current situation, copying is not forbidden,’ says Marko at Sky Germany. “But one has to remember that they also took seven employees from us. Our head of aerodynamics has been taken from us for a disproportionate amount. ‘

With this, Marko refers to Dan Fallows. The aerodynamicist switched to the British racing stable this season, and that, according to Marko, is somewhat suspicious. “It’s not just about Fallows. We have evidence that they have downloaded data from us. Copying is of course not prohibited, but how could they have made such a detailed copy of our car without proper documentation,” Marko said.

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