Foxtrot is still looking for men

Maniac’s theater productions are still seeking men for the musical Foxtrot. We are still looking for 1 man for a double role or, that would be nice, 2 men!

It’s about the roles of

The main character Josien’s peasant fiancée from Klaaswaal. Tijs visits her boyfriend once every two weeks, who lives in a “guest house” in Amsterdam, so she can follow a course there. Tijs sees his sweet rural Josien change into a much freer and urban Josien. Comic and dramatic scenes alternate with this character. This is a player role with the possibility of choir – or even – solo singing.

Paul is a dingy handsome boy who spends his time with his partner, Jules, and dating women for money or other luxuries (theater tickets, etc.). Paul does not want to be part of the support and in a way takes advantage of his relationship with Jules, who longs for a male partner who loves him. He gets money and shelter from Jules and in return he pays attention. Does he love his friend? This is a player role with the possibility of choir – or even – solo singing.

Together, these two roles can form a good and beautiful double role, if necessary.

What is Foxtrot all about ?;
Foxtrot is a musical written by Annie MG with music composed by Harry Bannink, the golden duo so to speak.

Foxtrot takes place in the late 1930s, there is crisis in Holland, there are many unemployed and war threatens from all sides. Neutral Holland sounds like their noses are bleeding and Prime Minister Colijn says “go to bed, the government is watching”, but is that really the case?
We meet our characters in “The Guesthouse” under Mathilde’s watchful eye. She is the owner of the Pension and that is how she earns her money. Officially, the guest house is an “artist guest house”, which at the time could be compared to a brothel. But when Mathilde bumps into her old love Albert, who is looking for a room for her daughter in Amsterdam, Mathilde does everything she can to let Josien live on her pension. All residents must “pretend”. Jules goes from revue artist to German teacher, his revue – partner Lisette is suddenly a singing teacher and the rest? It is “intellectual”. Josien is allowed to stay and takes his first steps in the “adult” world. Can she keep her relationship with her fiancé at home? Will she find her answers about Jules in a book at the library?

A comic musical with a raw and dramatic edge. With beautiful music, accompanied live by an orchestra and the songs contain wonderful lyrics.

Just a little information about our theater / music group.

On Saturday the 1st of October we have the editing and rehearsal of our performance in the Theater Zuidplein in Rotterdam, followed by the 1st of October evening and the 2nd of October in the afternoon. In principle, we practice every Thursday night from 19:15 to 22:00 (can sometimes run dry) in “‘t Fundament” on Van der Sluysstraat 176 3033SR Rotterdam. This rehearsal room belongs to Teater “‘t Kappelletje”.

Auditioning is always a bit boring, but it’s also the way the creative team and accountant can sense if it’s a good match. Because we are already underway, we can imagine that auditioning online and suddenly boarding is a bit exciting. Therefore, we ask you to come and see a game and song evening. The players are working on the process with the creatives, and you are most welcome to see if it’s for you. And if you feel like it, you can immediately be thrown into the deep end. That night, there is complete freedom to what you like and what you feel comfortable with.

Thinking after reading this post! Yes I would like to!!
Send us an email: We look forward to seeing you! yes you yes! to meet .. do not hesitate, do it! fantastic

We hope to see you on Thursday 26 May 2022 in “t Fundament” in Rotterdam.
The tea is ready at 19:30

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