Interior design of Lijsterlaan according to the new category GOW30

The discussion about whether Lijsterlaan should be a 30 km / h or a 50 km / h road has been going on for years. Residents would like the speed to be reduced, as will the local cycling association. The municipality sees a solution in designing the street as a so-called ‘GOW30 road’.

The very busy Lijsterlaan forms a frequently used connection for car traffic coming from Koningin Julianaabrug to the center of Lage Zijde (Aarhof) and vice versa. As the Thorbeckestraat has been widened and connected to the Oranje Nassausingel, car traffic can also run to and from the city center via this new connection, although it is still slightly used.


After Vogelbuurt and Blijenbergstraat, it’s Lijsterlan’s turn to be renovated. Following the redevelopment, Lijsterlaan will better match the layout of the surrounding streets and Thorbeckestraat. During the conversion, the wastewater system must be addressed, the asphalt must be replaced, attention will be paid to the preservation and replacement of trees, a bench must be replaced, the bicycle racks must be replaced and the longitudinal parking spaces must be extended to 2.5 meters. If all goes according to plan, reconstruction will begin in the last quarter of 2022.

Speed ​​up to 30 km / h

Local residents would like the speed limit on Lijsterlaan to be reduced from 50 to 30 km / h. They want the ‘racetrack’ that Lijsterlaan is now inviting to come to an end. Many of them are also children. They are more than tired of waiting ten minutes before being released to the pedestrian crossing and driving cars, they suggested. Therefore, they started a signature campaign where they visited local residents (see photo).

The Alphense branch of the Cyclists’ Association also wants the maximum speed to be reduced. They want the street not to become a priority street with the redevelopment of Lijsterlaan. “So all shark teeth away from the various side streets. Because priority roads do not belong in a 30 km / h regime. But for now, the shark teeth are on the drawing, “says Erik Bruijn from the Alphen Cyclists’ Association.

In addition, the cyclists’ union points to the dangerous roundabout. “It should not go unnoticed that, of course, the strange and dangerous roundabout at the intersection of Lijsterlaan and Thorbeckestraat has been raised again. However, this is not the first and probably not the last. We are waiting for the new building along Thorbeckestraat. We hope that the municipality will really choose a 30 km / h building (including the west) on this street and improve the roundabout for cyclists. ”

GOW30 road

Last year, the municipality saw little in the way of adjusting the speed, but with a view to the national introduction of ’30 km / h as a guideline ‘, the categorization plan that the municipality is working on is the cyclists’ vision. ‘association and local residents’ desire to slow down, this has been reconsidered.

This means that the road will be built according to the so-called GOW30, a distribution road with a maximum speed of 30 km / h. This should be the solution for so-called gray roads, ie roads with a speed limit of 50 km / h, where the functions access and traffic flow both occur without physical separation of slow and motorized traffic.

However, it is not yet known how these types of roads will be designed. It will be decided in 2022. ”It has therefore not yet been decided exactly what the design of Lijsterlaan will be. In any case, the design includes the construction of wide cycle paths and a narrow lane, «says the municipality. “We expect that once it is clear what design requirements are set for a GOW30, any adjustments to the design of Lijsterlaan will be easy to implement.” Until then, people will still drive at 50 km / h on Lijsterlaan.

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