Jan and Anne Meijer are celebrating a glorious wedding


WINTERSWIJK – “Respect for each other. That is it. That’s our secret. ” Such are the words of Jan and Anne Meijer. They are celebrating their glorious wedding on May 31st. They are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary with their family and friends at their monumental farm Oossink on Burloseweg in Kotten.

By Verona Westera

Jan and Anne first met in 1953 for a party at Jan’s cousin. “Anne knew my cousin because they were together on the school board for the municipal Lyceum in Emmen. It was very special for a woman at the time, “says Jan. “I was conscripted into the military and had helped with the flood disaster in early 1953. I had a lot to say to that party,” he recalls well. At first, the spark did not strike immediately, but when they saw each other again later that year at a graduation party, they rode their bikes along with the successful friends. “I was cold, and then I crawled into him on the back of that bike,” laughs Anne. A year later, they met again at an Easter bonfire. “I was interested in her then,” Jan remembers well. “But she was popular, and there were several hijackers on the coast,” Jan recalls. “But I only wanted Jan”, laughs Anne.

The parents did not like the relationship. “Anne was a Catholic and I come from a Reformed family. It could not be together. You know, with that pillow and that devil. “Jan and Anne, however, were so in love that they did not want to end their relationship.” In fact, Anne would not get her degree from her Catholic college if she did not put me aside. ” Anne was in no doubt, however. “I wanted Jan, and I made it clear to my mother.” Jan made sure that Anne went to a neutral university of applied science in Amsterdam to continue her education. They both lived on their Jan also went to study for his military service. Anne took various jobs to support herself, and Jan worked part-time at a small auditing firm, where he learned the tricks of the subject in addition to his studies. a permanent position as a social worker at the Foundation ‘Help for the Disabled’ in Amsterdam, there was a fixed income and marriage could be considered. “Anne asked me what do you think, but I would first finish my academic year, and I did . ”

In 1957, Jan and Anne joined. Literally because the bride and groom and the guests went by boat to the church, to the town hall and the party room, along the Amsterdam canals. Jan: “We could pay for the wedding from the savings account that my parents had for all their children. I think it’s very good for eight children. ” Jan and Anne had three daughters, a grandchild and now their third great-grandchild is on the way.

During his working life, Jan caused a stir especially as a tax specialist in the world of accounting. “I take care of the money, Anne takes care of the kiss”, jokes Jan. Anne can laugh heartily at it.
“We are each other’s self”, Jan characterizes their connection over the years. “Both private and business.”

In 1982, Anne and Jan bought their farm Oossink on Burloseweg. “We had a large office annex house built in Amstelveen. Everything was just finished when we saw this house during a bike ride through the Achterhoek. Anne wanted that, “says Jan. “It’s an oasis of peace here,” laughs Anne. In 1995, Jan and Anne moved permanently to Kotten. Jan wrote a wonderful book about the history of the farm and the surrounding area. In 2005, he also transformed a large number of hectares of agricultural land into new nature. A beautiful NSW (Nature Beauty Act) property was created, which Jan and Anne now enjoy every day.

Until about 25 years ago, concerts, exhibitions and other cultural activities were regularly held in the Scholtenboerderij Oossink’s secret annex. Anne in particular was very active with this. She also received awards for this. Now she takes it easy. Anne loves nature and in particular the many species of animals and birds in the garden and on the estate.

Jan and Anne are celebrating their glorious wedding with a reception on May 31 at the Oossink Farm on Burloseweg from 3.30pm to 5.30pm. Everyone who wants to congratulate Jan and Anne is most welcome, but must register in advance. You can do this by phone (also Whatsapp) via 06-34249476 or email: callistameijer@hotmail.com† “And of course there is also music, because it is part of Oossink”, Jan concludes.

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