With small children, a whole new world opens up for you …

Because twitter kids always put a big smile on their face.

1. Being a parent to young children: a whole new world opens up for you.

2. You expand your vocabulary.

3. And you extend their.

4. You exercise your patience.

5. And you always do something that makes your child very ‘sad’.

6. Do you see.

7. But then they are just looking for a solution.

8. It’s that simple.

9. Neat out of the box.

10. As a parent / caregiver, you need at least a few cups of coffee a day.

11. I mean.

12. Because we still have to stay sharp.

13. It’s cute.

14. Haha.

15. Top tip.

16. End with very recognizable toddler situations in pictures:

17. Bid!

18. Practice!

19. Pull all stops!

20. It will be another great annual review.

21. But you get so much in return.

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