Center Parcs opens the 27th holiday park in Europe

Center Parcs Les Landes des Gascogne opens its doors today. Les Landes de Gascogne is the 27th Center Park holiday park in Europe and the seventh in France. It is a park where everything revolves around a relaxing stay in the middle of nature. Thanks to its location – about a hundred kilometers from Bordeaux – Les Landes de Gascogne is also an excellent base for a voyage of discovery through Lot-et-Garonne and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

The holiday park is completely car-free and strongly rooted in the region. The center of Les Landes de Gascorgne, for example, is completely built in the Bastide style that is so characteristic of the region. Here is also a marketplace with a wide range of local producers. The local character is also visible in the regional dishes on the menu in the restaurant, in the crops planted in the kitchen gardens, the unspoiled environment and the range of excursions in the region.

Holiday homes
In the cottages, guests are introduced to a modern version of the French courtyard that is so characteristic of this region. The cottages are a stone’s throw from the farm and have their own kitchen garden and chicken farm. Every day, parents and their children can experience everyday life on the farm: from collecting eggs and maintaining the kitchen garden to feeding and caring for the animals. They learn all about composting by the gardener and learn how to make the fertilizer needed in the kitchen gardens.

wooden houses
In the wooden houses, the guests are completely immersed in the world of the forest. Due to their tall design, they look like a nest and offer unobstructed views of the pine forests of Landes. The attractive decor makes you immediately feel at home here and the many openings to the outdoors provide views of the surrounding nature.

Foam bath
With warm décor and natural materials that exude the Landes atmosphere – such as wood, sand, the green of the pine trees and the yellow of the brooms – the VIP cabin is a stylish and elegant version of the traditional wooden cabin. The bathroom is fully equipped, such as steam shower and whirlpool. The comfort cabin is comfortably and colorfully decorated and offers families a cozy and atmospheric environment to share special moments together.

Aqua Mundo
In the middle of the park, the Market Dome has been adapted to the characteristic features of the region, which is inspired by the ‘Halles du Sud-Ouest’. This meeting place offers all kinds of well-known facilities, including Aqua Mundo, Center Parcs’ subtropical bathing paradise, whose wooden structure is inspired by the region’s traditional tobacco dryers. There is plenty of water fun to enjoy in the wave pool, there is a special children’s area with water tree and splash pool, a lazy river, an outdoor beach, three water slides and a hot tub.

In the field of energy saving, waste sorting and in the choice of building materials, the Center Parcs in Les Landes de Gascogne has taken all possible measures to keep its ecological footprint to a minimum. For example, the park focuses on ‘soft mobility’ in the form of walking or cycling. Gas-free heat is also used, which provides 80 percent for heating the central facilities. The cabins are fully equipped with energy efficient LED lighting and the bioclimatic design limits the energy needs in winter. Like the central facilities, the cottages do not have air conditioning. Thanks to systems for ventilation, sun protection and the orientation of the windows, they are refreshed in a natural way. Drinking water consumption is limited thanks to the water-saving equipment. During the start-up of the construction of the park, it was determined in which zones the environmental aspect should receive special attention, and protected animal species were mapped. An environmental committee also meets annually to evaluate the state of biodiversity.

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