LifeCycles brings the world leader in architecture, project and urban development to Ghent

No fewer than 40 international toppers from the worlds of architecture, urban design, academia and real estate will meet in September at LifeCycles in Ghent, a new international forum on the future and quality of our cities, architecture and buildings. In response to developments in technology, ecology, communities and mobility, LifeCycles wants to kick-start the debate on the design and interpretation of our future living environment. Two years after the originally planned first edition, LifeCycles will now run from 28 to 30 September 2022.

Reinier de Graaf from the iconic architectural firm OMA, the revolutionary Carlo Ratti, the former Toronto city planner Jennifer Keesmaat, Arup’s innovation leader Jan Wurm, to the progressive Chris Precht or Taro Okabe – director of the Paris office of Pritzker winner Shigeru Ban… it is just a small selection from the impressive LifeCycles program.

“They are all innovation experts shaping our future world by combining aesthetics, technology, technology, humanity and experience in a sustainable way. And by sharing all these new ideas and insights, they make LifeCycles a strong platform for debate, inspiration and forward thinking. ”

Reggy Van den Branden, organizer of LifeCycles.

The LifeCycles program is built around 6 topics, a city’s life cycles, architecture, construction, environment, technology and society. “Each of these issues is largely subject to change and innovation today. In addition, they are inextricably linked. Major trends such as urbanization determine not only the function and interpretation of our cities, but also the needs and shape of our buildings. At the same time, we stand. facing major challenges in terms of mobility and sustainability, we live in an increasingly connected and data-driven society, we are evolving towards ‘smart cities’ and the construction sector is increasingly focusing on modular, circular and 3D-printed – but also affordable – construction All of these topics will be discussed in detail during these 3 days. ”Reggy Van den Branden, organizer of LifeCycles.

These megatrends will be contacted during the event with experts from different domains. In addition to architects, acclaimed urban planners like Hélène Chartier from C40 Cities and former Toronto City Architect Jennifer Keesmaat will be discussed. The artist Arne Quinze will also take the stage, as will the innovation leaders Tom Bosschaert and James Ehrlich, who work with Orchid City and Regen Villages, respectively, in the first fully self-sufficient residential areas.

“The interdisciplinary approach can only have a reinforcing effect. With this event, we want for the first time to seek cross-fertilization between all parties involved, from architect to engineer, from researcher to developer, contractor, government or investor. LifeCycles will be a must-attend for anyone who cares about the quality and future of our buildings and environment. “

In addition to the many international speakers, some Belgian leading names will also take the stage, such as Julien De Smedt, Gilles Retsin, Xavier De Kestelier, Philippe Block and Johan Anrys from 51N4E. In the coming weeks, the program will be further complemented by both Belgian and foreign speakers.

The location of the event remains secret for a while, but promises to be impressive and relevant, as is the list of speakers. The event is supported by brownfield developer Revive, several network organizations, media partners and leading brands such as Delta Light, Polestar and Grohe.
Interested parties can visit for more information. Ticket prices range from € 185 for one day to € 335 for three days for the first set of registrations, with adjusted prices for students.

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