“Once my children have stayed there, they smell of smoke. I am disgusted”

“My husband has a little brother. He and his family are known as the aso side of the family. Of course they do not know, but that’s how they are talked about behind their backs. I actually agree with that. Of course everyone should know , what they wear, do and like, and that includes them.But there is one thing that really annoys me: They smoke a lot.

More than one pack a day

We have never been very close, but we always used to hang out on birthdays. My brother-in-law and his wife smoke more than one pack of cigarettes a day. When one came home from such a birthday, everything smelled of smoke. Terrible! When we did not have children, I was not so worried about it, but it’s different now.

Nieces and nephews

When our children were quite young, we hardly visited my brother-in-law’s house. This was primarily due to their smoking behavior. I’m really not going to sit in that air with a baby. My kids are now 8 and 10 and my brother-in-law also has two kids who are a little younger. The four children have completely discovered each other.

overnight stays

Of course, it’s nice that the nieces and nephews are close to each other, but nowadays they also want to live with each other. It’s not a problem at home with us, but I really do not want them there. I do not want my children to spend a weekend in a house that is blue with cigarette smoke. When my kids were recently picked up by my brother-in-law one day at the zoo, people even smoked in the car. I think it’s so ugly!

For a long time, I thought I should not say anything about it. It’s their home, their life. They can do whatever they want there and it’s up to me whether I want to pass or not. But now that my kids want to stay there, it’s a different story. I want my kids to keep watching their nieces. Therefore, I decided to say something.


When I came one afternoon to pick up my children and I was alone with my brother-in-law waiting in the hallway, I seized my moment. At that moment, it was blue again of smoke in the living room. “I hate to take it up, but I think it’s pretty uncomfortable that there is so much smoking in front of my kids. You read how incredibly harmful it is, “I began.

Not reassured

My brother-in-law responded calmly but not very understandingly: “We smoke and this is our house.” I asked him if they might be able to smoke outside when my kids were there. He mumbled that he would try to pay attention. Not very reassuring, I thought.

Stink for roof

Later it turned out that he had told his wife about my request and that she had become quite angry. My brother-in-law called my husband afterwards. None of them apparently dared to talk to me. “If they have such an opinion about it, then they do not bring the children here anymore,” my sister-in-law would have said. She thought I was ungrateful because they often go on fun outings with my kids, and then I complain about their smoking behavior. “Then she doesn’t have to expect it anymore,” she said. And “stink for thanks”, which I found quite ironic in this case.

nothing changed

Things have calmed down now, but nothing has changed. I have decided to let my kids get over there, they like it with their nieces. And it smelled? It’s still happening. I know it does not help to say something, so I try to put it aside. Although I find the smell of smoke every time I unpack the overnight bags terribly annoying. ”

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