Facade 2022 shows a transition in the way of thinking about facades

The Gevel 2022 trade fair takes place from 31 May to 2 June in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The overall theme is ‘Inception’, taken from the film of the same name from 2010. In it, a team breaks into people’s dreams to plant ideas. Gevel 2022 plans new ideas through a lecture program, festival, exhibitions and of course presentations at the stands of more than a hundred exhibitors.

The construction industry is changing. Different transitions influence the way design is performed. Think of the energy transition, the transition to a circular construction economy and the digitalisation of development, design and construction processes. Other developments, such as the pursuit of biodiversity, the use of renewable materials and design processes in the form of co-creation, also influence other ways of thinking about facades.

In a changing world, any idea that can contribute to further development is a source of inspiration. The overall theme ‘Inception’ has in this way been picked up by Facade 2022’s exhibitors and ambassadors, the organization states.

For three days, Gevel 2022 will be the place where innovations – in technology, process and architecture – are displayed and discussed + from art (with a first from art gallery Gallery Untitled on the exhibition floor) to experimentation (exhibitions, presentations). Exhibitors will spend three days talking to architects and engineers about innovations and new projects.

International program in Facade Arena
Three architectural firms – Gevel 2022’s ambassadors – have translated the theme ‘Inception’ into a program in Gevel Arena with an impressive group of (international) speakers.

On Tuesday 31 May, UNStudio kicks off with an international day with four sub-themes: Invisible (about digitization), Transparent (ingenuity in the facade), White (circularity) and Hot Red (energy transition, the building screen as energy). source).

On Wednesday 1 June, Pieter Sprangers, Tom Bokkers and Guus Blom from Toko Fuze will be the hosts and moderators at Gevel Arena. Their day is about Inception Interactive: co-creation, circularity and multifunctional facades and roofs are discussed.

With Inception Festival on Thursday 2 June, Vakwerk Architecten turns the last day of Facade 2022 into a party with substance. Ellen van der Wal, Paul Ketelaars and Francesco Veenstra put themselves to the test by Bouwwereld’s editors-in-chief in the session ‘What the Vak is going on?’. There will be three sessions on minimal use of materials, healing environments and identity.

Especially short
The floor in Facade 2022 is spacious with a special floor plan, where the stands form the letters Facade and the numbers 2022. At the entrance, the visitor is immediately confronted with full-scale facade elements in Projecten Expo, which is set up in a park-like atmosphere. A huge video screen continuously shows fragments of the program and inspiring projects.

A large number of exhibitions have been set up around the stands of the more than a hundred exhibitors. Industry associations such as KNB, Betonhuis Constructief Prefab and BIPV show what ideas they have for all transitions in construction. Dutch Architectural Photographers (DAPh) has set up an exhibition together with the innovative company Aectual. The aforementioned Gallery Untitled displays works by artists with a vision of the city. Students from TU Delft and the Architecture Academies in Amsterdam and Arnhem show their creativity and progressive research. And Gevel’s exhibitors have participated in Projects Expo and the Innovation Wall.

Sign up for free
Visitors can register for free at www.gevel-online.nl. The program and the list of participating companies can also be found there. As a visitor, in addition to visiting the live event, you can also digitally meet exhibitors and other visitors thanks to the online platform created for Gevel 2022.

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