“I do not trust Jos’ laundry: he will soon be mixing colors!” † Stories behind the news

Small babies big worries

“During the 6-week ultrasound, my obstetrician discovered three fruits with beating hearts. Jos and I were completely robbed, we were expecting 1 child! The birth also started quite unexpectedly. The three girls were born after 28 weeks and 3 days. I was under the assumption that I would still be a few weeks pregnant, I was still fine. After the birth we were very worried about the triplets. Premature babies simply have a higher risk of complications. Fortunately, after a few months in the hospital, the girls were strong enough to come home with us.

The postpartum was very hard. We changed 20 diapers in one day and prepared 12 bottles. It was really hard work. We had to do the feedings together in the beginning, also at night. There was no point in feeding three babies at the same time. Luckily, at some point we got into a routine and Jos was able to sleep through to get a little more fit at work. “Sometimes I regret that I never got to enjoy one-on-one with the girls, everything happened in triplicate.”

full time

“I take care of the kids most of the time. Jos works full time as an electrical engineer. I also worked full time, but have worked two days a week since the triplets were born. That’s how it went. If I wanted to work more, I would Jos have worked one day less, but this solution is fine for us.

On my days off I am with the kids, so I really have my hands full with them. They constantly ask for my attention or quarrel with each other. It is of course cozy, but also ensures that I do not get to do anything in the household. That’s why I take the girls to the playgroup four mornings a week. For example, I have a few free mornings to shop, clean up the house, or play sports. The days I work, look for a nanny. Jos and I are lucky to have healthy retired parents, they usually come to the rescue. ”

Keep tidy

“I am lucky to have a man who helps me a lot in the household. We do not have a fixed distribution, but we have our preferences. I do the laundry, I will not leave that to Jos. Soon he will wash it at the wrong degrees or mix colors! I shop, Jos cooks. I can not do that at all. The days my parents are babysitting, they cook and cook enough for us to eat another night.

It is very important for Jos and I to keep the house neat. When we give the girls a bath we quickly clean the bathroom, when they sleep we always start by vacuuming and moping. We gather moments where we do not have our hands full with the girls together, to keep the house neat. ”


“Jos is the breadwinner because he works more. Of course I also bring in money, but just less. We have a common account from which we pay everything. We also both have our own account from which we buy nice things. In the beginning I had to get used to Jos being a breadwinner, but due to the extreme circumstances I could accept it and we’re both fine with it.I think it’s important that we keep talking about it on an ongoing basis so we can be sure that both parties are satisfied. “

Measure time for myself

“Next year, the girls will go to primary school, I think that is very double. We are closing the phase so that they have a nice chat at home. But I also finally get more time for the household and for myself. Then I can have lunch with friends, read or watch a series. I’ll never get to that now. I do not think I want to go back to work, once the girls go to school, I spend a moment refueling. But maybe I’m changing my mind!

I really want to experience a ‘normal’ pregnancy. But four kids is really too much for Jos and me. We’ve had our hands full with triplets for years now. I can not imagine having another child with it.

Some things are impossible with triplets. For example, I would have liked to have swum baby. But it really has to be one to one with mom and baby. I can not take all three of them in the water at the same time. Walking on the playground with them is certainly not relaxing either. Other mothers sit on a bench and watch their child play in the distance. I have to keep an eye on three of them as they all run in different directions. But it’s also very touching to see how the three have fun. I also share these moments on Instagram, @delingmoeder_sientje. “

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