Music by Simon & Garfunkel, an ode to women and a free walk-in for children: excursions in Groningen and Drenthe

Come and listen to the classics from Simon & Garfunkel by Nick & Simon, experience ode to women by The Bluebirds & Leonie Meijer or let your child take part in the activities at the free walk-in on FRIDAY. There is plenty to do again!

The most famous Dutch duo brings songs by the legendary American duo

The album was released in 1970 Bridge over turbulent water by the legendary duo Simon & Garfunkel. Fifty years later, Nick & Simon traveled to New York to find out where and how the American duo started. Nick & Simon’s search for the American duo resulted in the addition of the successful TV documentary series Returned home a lot of inspiration for new Dutch language work. In the autumn of 2020, an album with the title was released NSG , recorded with multiple Grammy winner Jay Newland. This album has since been awarded gold.

Now there is finally theater tour entitled Nick & Simon & Garfunkel , which the Volendam duo had been waiting anxiously for some time. Nick & Simon take you, with the support of their band, to the other duo’s distinctive harmonic vocals and instrumental accompaniment. Of course, they perform a large number of classics, but also lesser-known songs by Simon & Garfunkel are on the menu. In addition, Nick & Simon also play their latest songs from NSG if east wind Years of months and Why

Groningen – MartiniPlaza, our kl. 20.00, 40.30 euros excl. service costs

Brought the other side by David Bowie

Since his show star man , with which he created furore worldwide, the German-Dutchman Sven Ratzke is known as one of the best David Bowie interpreters. in his show where are we now This time, the singer and entertainer shows a different side of Bowie, who died in 2016, in intimate surroundings. You see the poet Bowie, who sought the balance between reality and fantasy. Bowie, who thought of love, death, and transience.

Ratzke interprets the pop star’s life with absurdist stories, beautiful costumes and cinematic scenes and brings classics like heroes and Ash to ashes, but also the precious stones as Life on Mars? in great new events.

Meppel – Ogterop, ons kl. 20.15, 19.50 euros

An ode to women by The BlueBirds

The BlueBirds, formed by Krystl and Rachèl Louise, will come to Teater DNK in Assen tomorrow with their theater performance Store Store Verden and bring Leonie Meijer as a special guest. IN Great big world these singers and songwriters pay homage to women. Own songs from the album Great big world is mixed with classics by, among others, Dolly Parton, Dixie Chicks and Kacey Musgraves. Songs from the well-received debut album are also coming sisters past.

From 2021, The BlueBirds will be a women’s collective, with the artists Krystl and Rachèl Louise at the helm as permanent Birds. They wrote their second album Great big world along with several female vocalists and songwriters such as Janne Schra, Hadewych Minis, Yori Swart and Birgit Schuurman. Songs inspired by indie and folk music, where polyphony dominates.

Assen – Theater DNK, Wed 20.30, 25 euros

Theater, music and more for children

Until the summer holidays, children are between four and twelve years old every Wednesday on FRIDAY Walstraat welcome to come by during the free walk-in † Children, musicians, theater makers and artists work together every Wednesday afternoon from 2.30pm to 5pm. Three different activities are offered each time: two visual activities and alternately one music or theater activity; each time with a different theme.

The afternoon begins with a brief introduction to the day’s theme and activities. Children can choose what they want to do on site. From 15.45 to 16.00 there is a joint break and then you can choose one of the other activities. Children who come for the first time and think it is really exciting can indicate it to the organization in advance. They then help to make it less exciting.

Registration is not required but full is full. Jerk buy a ticket advised.

Groningen – FRIDAY Walstraat, every Wednesday until 13 July 14.30-17.00, 8 euros (discount with Stadjerspas)

Ballads of the Groninger country on organ and with song

As a trio DeJongDeJongPlus, the organ-playing brothers Euwe and Sybolt de Jong and the soprano Judith Pranger present a light-hearted concert with a growing accent. In the program Ballads from Groninger Land well-known ballads by Ede Staal, Arnold Veeman ( Mien Lutje Laif ) and Henry Kelder ( snout ) and historical organ sonatas of the origin of the germination will be played on two harmonies and a (cabinet) organ.

The trio will play this concert until next Sunday in various places in the province of Groningen. The concert can be heard on Thursday, Ascension Day in Petruskerk in Leens Friday, May 27th in Menkemaborg in Uithuizen Saturday, May 28th in the village church of Tolbert and Sunday, May 29th in the Lutheran Church in Winschoten

Leens – Petruskerk, Thursday at 15, 17.50 euros

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