The Apple Watch Pride Edition Bands collection has been expanded

To celebrate Pride Month in June, Apple is releasing two new Pride Edition tapes featuring dynamic Pride dials to support the global LGBTQ + community and the equality movement. This year’s Pride Edition Sport Loop has a color gradient with the word “pride” woven directly into the strap. Apple is also launching a new Shot on iPhone pride campaign on Instagram that captures the essence of artists and figures in the global LGBTQ + community.

Apple is proud to build on its many years of support from LGBTQ + advocates for positive change, from Encircle, an organization that provides life-affirming programs and services to the LGBTQ + community and their families, to The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis response organization for LGBTQ + youth. Other advocacy companies that Apple supports include the Equality Federation Institute, Equality North Carolina, Equality Texas, Gender Spectrum, GLSEN, Human Rights Campaign, ILGA World, The National Center for Transgender Equality, PFLAG and SMYAL. The Apple Watch Pride Edition tapes and dials, now in its seventh year, illustrate how the company faces, supports and is proud of the LGBTQ + community.

Pride Edition Sport Loop

Members and allies of the LGBTQ + creative community at Apple were inspired to deliver a new expression of pride with this unique design. Using the comfortable, durable and adjustable Sport Loop design, Apple used a new technique to remove multiple double-layer nylon-woven textile loops on the strap to reveal the word “proud” in an italic style inspired by the original “hello”. greeting – shown on the first Macintosh in 1984 – which gives the word a new, three-dimensional look.

The team designed a color gradient that incorporates the original rainbow colors with the colors of several pride flags, including light blue, pink, and white, which represent transgender and gender-inconsistent individuals, and black and brown, which symbolize the black and Latinx communities. The colors also represent those who live with or have died of HIV / AIDS.

Pride Threads dial

Inspired by multiple pride flags, this new dial combines colors to represent the strength and mutual support of the LGBTQ + movement. Each thread of living thread reflects the woven loops in the Sport Loop and adds to the overall composition of the disc. The colorful wires move when the digital crown on the Apple Watch is rotated, tapped on the screen, or when the user’s wrist is raised. Apple is also adding new App Clip functionality to the ribbon packaging to give customers an easy and convenient way to instantly access the new matching dial.

Pride Edition ribbons and dials have served as symbols of support to the LGBTQ + community and its allies since they were first introduced in 2016.

Like the woven loops of the Pride Edition Sport Loop ribbon, living threads gather in the Pride Threads disc to represent the strength and support of the LGBTQ + movement. The wires move when the Digital Crown is rotated or when the screen is tapped.

Using a new technique, textile loops were removed to reveal the word “pride” in italics on the strap, creating a three-dimensional look and feel.

Pride Edition Nike Sport Loop

A new Pride Edition Nike Sport Loop celebrates the full spectrum of the rainbow and has a matching rainbow-colored Nike Bounce face that accompanies the new band. Along with the Nike’s Be True collection, Sport Loop honors individuals who expand the sport for generations to come and inspire others to feel the joy of being authentic themselves. Be True is part of Nike’s broader commitment to the LGBTQ + community, which focuses on recognition, advocacy, inspiration and education.

iPhone Pride campaign Gay Monument in Amsterdam

From Harvey Milk Plaza in San Francisco to Paulista Avenue in São Paulo, the Shot on iPhone Pride campaign will feature images from a famous group of intersectional creatives honoring contemporary queer pioneers in places of historical significance to the LGBTQ + movement. The series is coming soon to @apple on Instagram, featuring works by photographers Ryan McGinley from New York’s Stonewall Inn; Evan Benally Atwood at Window Rock, Arizona; Meinke Klein at the Homomonumentet in Amsterdam; Caia Ramalho on Paulista Avenue in Sao Paulo; Lydia Metal at the Plaza de Chueca in Madrid; and Collier Schorr at Harvey Milk Plaza in San Francisco with Baobei.

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