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Company description
JS Consultancy is looking for a municipal construction project manager for a municipality in the province of North Holland.
(32 hours, 12 months (extension very possible), as soon as possible)Job description
Projects that the municipality works on are very diverse. On the one hand, they are working on developing new green and lively districts with big city allure. On the other hand, work on the development of the most sustainable and innovative business park in Europe. Another example is the development of a 1000 ha park for everyone with space for sports, recreation, relaxation and greenery.
We are looking for a project manager who can handle the design phase of the new town hall in teams. You control the design and preparation processes and, where necessary, preparatory realization. Participation with local residents and nearby businesses plays a role in this. You have experience in drawing the design of a building using the established requirements program. You use your expertise and you also make connections to the municipal organization for which we are building the building. You work closely together in a team with the overall project manager, who mainly focuses on the organization of the project and the security of the municipal organization, administration and politics.

Furthermore: * You are responsible for realizing the set goals, as agreed with the administrative and official client; * You focus in particular on the architectural aspects of the design process, from pre-engineering to specifications, and the interaction with the architect and various consultants (including installations, construction); You plan and structure your projects in a professional way, lead input and contributions from external parties and the various municipal teams; * You have a good eye for support in the municipal organization and community and you anticipate all kinds of impacts of the project in a timely manner. Political-administrative sensitivity is expected of the project manager and you understand how to create official, political and social support through expertise, appearance, dynamism and enthusiasm;
* You ensure clearly written project documents, such as phase documents and decision-making proposals. * You have good control of the business and you have very good communication and negotiation skills.

Within the team, you may be asked to contribute to the joint professionalization and peer review.

Our preferred candidate:
* Meets the desired commitment and is available on the desired start date or earlier;
* Has architectural expertise;
* Is flexible in terms of number of hours to be worked and working hours * Has good administrative sensitivity and has experience in handling official clients and the public administration;
* Is strategic and has an eye for detail;
* Is connecting, motivating, creative, enterprising, results-oriented and analytical;
* Is good at managing in business operations;
* Has very good communication and negotiation skills; * Knows how to create official, political and social support through expertise, appearance, dynamism and enthusiasm; * Behaves with integrity and correctly adheres to manners (willing to sign a declaration of integrity in accordance with the code) the conduct of the municipality).

Job requirements
* WO work and thinking level;
* Multi-year professional experience in a municipal organization in a similar role * Min. 10 years of relevant experience as a project manager / construction manager of complex (social) properties, preferably in the design phase;
* You have experience with project management;
This is a temporary position / task. It is important that you are available at short notice for the desired hours.Working conditions
JS Consultancy is a career partner for professionals and managers for the public good. With us, you work with yourself and with solutions to the most important challenges in our society. Social result. Together with you, we make it a reality.
We can add you to this task via a temporary (hourly rate in consultation) or a posting structure (classification in scale 13 according to the collective agreement for municipalities). This is a task of approximately 12 months for 32 hours per week (extension possible). Hybrid work is possible after consultation. The municipality is located near North Holland.Application procedure
Got excited? This procedure has a short duration, so send your CV as soon as possible! A short and precise motivation is sufficient.
For more information on this position, please contact our recruiter Shomahry Johnson via

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