Honor and appreciate sports performance – Stadspartij Purmerend-Beemster-Polderpartij

Honor and appreciate sports performance – Stadspartij Purmerend-Beemster-Polderpartij

In the previously established sports vision Sports in motion stands for:

“We believe in the added value and power of sports talent and top sports. The relationship between top and recreational sports are mutual. Attractive sporting performance makes the residents of Purmerend proud and inspire active sports. We are proud of our sports talents and top athletes. We give them one face and a scene. “

The reason is the question of how the municipality can handle the athletes who achieve a special performance. The municipality has the will and ambition to be able to do something special for them, but at present there is no framework or policy for that. To avoid arbitrariness or coincidence, it is desirable that the municipality makes it clear how it puts athletes with a special performance in the spotlight.

Councilor Mario Hegger has in a note indicated how Purmerend municipality will honor and appreciate special sports achievements, where relevant.

Medal and certificate as a sign of honor and appreciation
In collaboration with Spurd and the Sports Council, this ambition is fulfilled, so that athletes get a face and a structural podium after achieving top performance. As a solution direction, the starting point is chosen to make this as simple as possible.

To whom:
Any athlete, athlete or sports team, paid or amateur, healthy or fit athlete who lives or was born in Purmerend / Beemster who is active in one of the sports recognized by the NOC / NSF.

Special performance:
Achieving a medal (gold, silver or bronze) at a national championship, European Championships or world championships, participating in the Olympic Games or achieving the national championship in the highest amateur class in
sports recognized by the NOC / NSF.

Price / recognition
Receives a medal and a certificate that, on behalf of the municipality, describes this special appreciation as a sign of appreciation. Once medals have been won at the Olympic or Paralympic Games, a Silver Purmerender will be awarded.

The athlete, athlete or sports team in question is received at the town hall by the councilor and / or the mayor. When you achieve a medal during the Olympics, you can also go to another
other than the town hall.

A photo and press release of the presentation will be made and will be sent to the local media and posted on the various social media.

Execution and planning
In general, the particular sporting achievements are known locally; In appropriate cases, Spurd and the Sports Council will draw the attention of the sports policy officer (and through him / her; the councilor) if an athlete, athlete or sports team qualifies for this assessment. The coordination lies with Spurd and the Sports Council.

Start date:
Honors and valuation via the specified solution direction will take effect on February 1, 2022.

Financial consequences:
The cost of this proposal is limited to the purchase of not-yet-designed tokens and / or a Zilveren Purmerender, a possible bundle of flowers and the reception itself with drinks and snacks for those present.

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