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PlayStation 5 (PS5) has been out for about a year and a half now and has gotten gamers and collectors to buy it galore. This new console from Sony was sold out within minutes and was not available anywhere for several months. Priced at € 499.99 (original price), it costs around € 100 more than usual Playstation 4† Now the question arises whether it is really worth buying this console, especially if you already own PlayStation 4 (PS4). As always, there are new features and tweaks that enhance and optimize the gameplay and everything that comes with it. But is it all worth the extra 100 euros if you already have a PS4 with perhaps similar features? Today we present the differences and similarities between the two consoles. So you can find out if PS5 is a must for you.


Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 are not comparable in terms of design at all. The PS5 has a modern but also futuristic feel, while the PS4 is designed quite simply and compactly. The biggest difference is probably in the design color. Until now, a black shade has been chosen for each model and generation of Playstation. PS5 differs significantly as an ice white color is chosen for the front panels. It makes it look more robust, but also more modern. Also clearly recognizable is the much thicker and larger shape on the PS5, which is not necessarily ideal for the TV cabinet. However, this slightly wider design also has a special function. It hides the PS5’s fan and dust connections, ensuring that cooling is optimized and the PS5 does not get hot and noisy.

With the PS4, there are no front panels that hide the whole. The fans on the back are open so it can be loud at times. It’s also inevitable that the PS4 will get hot.

Storage area

The PS4 originally had 500 GB of free hard disk space. This can be expanded up to 1TB. This storage space can be used for downloads, games, recording and more. The PS5 has 825 GB of hard disk space, which is less than the storage space on the PS4 Pro (1TB), but the PS5 offers a very significant improvement. Impatient players will now be pleased with the fast game launch on this console. All games load in seconds, due to the new technology that the PS5 uses, namely Solid State Drive


As we all know, the graphics and resolution of the Playstation 4 are already great, but can it be topped? Yes of course! Playstation 5 has a newer processor that provides more diverse graphics. The performance is great, so is the resolution. Playstation can play 4K games at 60 fps and even 120 fps if possible in the respective games. In general, it can be said that the PS5 has much more modern technologies that allow unique lighting effects, defined landscapes and an incredible gaming experience. Sure, the PS4 also has strong performance, but it just does not have that kind of technology.


As you can see in the image below, something has changed in the design of the controllers. The PS5 controller is a bit shaped like an X-BOX controller, which can be particularly noticeable due to its white color. But not only does the design change, the name of the controller also changes. On PS4 it was called “DualShock Controller” and now “DualSense Controller”. This DualSense controller also has many adjustments. For example, the familiar “share” button has disappeared and a “create” button has been added. This allows editing of the screenshots. In addition, the controller now has, for example, a built-in microphone that can be used without headsets in the game to talk to other players.

The biggest advantage of the new controller is probably the battery. The DualShock controller has always had a very short lifespan, which annoys many gamers. They do not always want to be connected to the charging cable while playing. It is now perfectly optimized. Now the battery life for intensive gaming is about 12 hours. This is a huge upgrade. By comparison, the PS4 controller has about 8 hours of battery life.


One of the strongest arguments that players give for switching from a PS4 to a PS5 is the compatibility of the PS4 games with the PS5. In fact, after many years, the creators have managed to make the games you bought on PS4 compatible to play on PS5 as well. This means that no game data will be lost from a game if you have previously played it on a PS4 and now want to play on PS5. This compatibility means that personal favorite games do not have to be bought from scratch, and this money can be saved for more important things.


It becomes clear that the PS5 has a lot more to offer based on new technologies, which above all also simplifies the gameplay. The graphics and performance have improved markedly, but that does not mean that the games play completely differently. It looks nicer, but it’s still the same game. The biggest advantage of the PS5 is that it saves a lot of money compared to buying other consoles. Games do not have to be repurchased. Conclusion: if you really have a heart for gaming and the extra euros are not that important anymore, then Playstation 5 is really a must!

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