The controversial divorce 124: ‘During a drink in the hotel bar, our conversation went awry’ | Sex & relationships

“How was it in Brussels?” asks my brother and partner Kasper. We are considering opening a branch in Belgium.

“Very good. I will return soon for a follow-up interview and a first screening.”

“Fine. Are you going with Sara again?”

“No, I can handle myself.”

It’s not true. The job is too big to handle alone, but I do not want Sara with me anymore. Since my brother does not like ‘relationships in the workplace’, I do not tell him that last weekend was a direct disaster. And that was because of Sarah.


I thought it would be a good idea to bring Sara to the preliminary study. Firstly because she is good at our craft and secondly it seemed like a great way to normalize our relationship again. It was still fun on the way there. We talked a little about little things. But it quickly went wrong. Over a drink in the hotel bar, our conversation went out of control. I made a casual comment about Anouk and Sara exploding.

I do not remember exactly what I said. I told her that she offered herself drunk to me and that I did not accept it. I just wanted to illustrate that I can be something of a gentleman. But that message escaped Sarah. She took it again and blew it up to insurmountable proportions. Eventually I started screaming and she cried.

The next day she was not happy. Even with our possibly new colleagues around, she did not look at me and ignored everything I said. All drama, certainly not worth repeating. ‘But what do you want then’, I asked when everyone was gone: ‘You broke up with it; you seduced me once again under false pretenses and you will continue to work in our office. Then we have to find another way to get along with each other, because that can not be the case anyway. ”

Sara looked at me with narrowed eyes. “I want you to behave normally.”

“I do,” I replied.

“Oh yeah? Do you think it’s normal for a man in his forties to still live with his mother?” And then the whole fight started all over again.The end of the song was that Sara took the train home and I decided never to do anything with this lady again (no matter how good the sex was) nor to go on a business trip with her again I have to come up with a solution for next time. It’s too much work for me alone. I really need help from someone who knows what he or she is doing. So like Sarah. Or Anouk.

New head coach

The kids have dinner with me Wednesday night. That means they flop on their finest (if I have to say so myself) grandma’s couch and I get pizzas delivered. With the television on, of course. All that is not allowed with their mother and which is allowed by me since the divorce. Late in the evening, Spring crawls into his grandmother’s bed and Storm comes to me. “How was the match last Saturday?” I ask him.

“Bad. Samuel does not look like what we need. He just puts everyone on the same length, because otherwise it is not reasonable.” What a freak the lover of my future ex-wife is. They are no longer Fs. “Fortunately, Theo sees it.”


“Yes, assistant coach Theo.” Storm begins to talk enthusiastically about the insights Theo brings and how well he gives them playing instructions. “Actually, he should be our head coach,” Storm concludes. I nod in agreement. Why not? “Should I call around to hear what the other parents think?” Maybe now is a good time to rock the crazy Samuel. It’s better for the team. An additional benefit is that Samuel is nicely put on his number.

His superior politically correct stance has annoyed me for several months. I talked to all the parents before the end of the week. We all agree: Samuel has to go and I can tell him the news. I do this the only way I can: remove the cast at once. Samuel is completely surprised. He staggers and stutters, asks for an explanation and then wants to talk a little more. The man is not just a maniac; it’s also a very softie who finally thanks me for my openness and calls me a warm friend. As soon as I hang up I immediately call Anouk. Not to mention Samuel’s resignation. He can do it himself. New. I only have one question for Anouk: “Are you coming to Brussels next week?”

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