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The Kompany era in Anderlecht turned out to be shorter than expected. After three years, Astridparken’s chouchou is already closing the door behind him, following a disagreement with the board. Peter Vandenbempt analyzes Vincent Kompany’s passage in Brussels for us: “Vandenhaute would rate Kompany as a coach and not as a club icon, that was probably how it happened.”

The prince is back. This is how it sounded in the summer of 2019, when Vincent Kompany returned home to his Anderlecht. As a player-coach and then as a coach, Kompany was to guide the club to the Belgian top again, but today the Brussels adventure is already coming to an end. The company leaves.

On Radio 1, Peter Vandenbempt discussed the in-depth departure of Kompany, who was in charge in Anderlecht for three years. “First as a shadow coach when Simon Davies was in charge as T1,” Vandenbempt looks back. “So one can say that he has determined the sporting policy of Anderlecht for about three years.”

How did the divorce arise? “Kompany and Anderlecht have had a number of talks. It has become clear that further cooperation would be very difficult,” Vandenbempt said. “But anyone who could read well between the lines in recent weeks already understood that there was more noise in the relationship between Kompany and the Verbeke-Vandenhaute duo.”

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“Kompany thought the season was a success, but his bosses disagreed”

“It was mainly due to the Company’s assessment of the performance of the first team,” explains Vandenbempt. “For example, he stated a few times that the season had been successful, and he said that if he had been asked three weeks earlier, at the start of the playoffs, he would have found it too.”

“Then he referred to the numbers: third place in the league, more points scored and more goals scored than last year and also came to the cup final. But his bosses did not agree.”

“They were of the opinion that with this core, and especially in a year where competitors such as Genk, Ghent and Antwerp failed and Club Brugge was not at its strongest, there was more to achieve than third place. Especially the way In as Anderlecht started a couple of crucial matches, it was bad. ”

“Just think of the decisive match against Kortrijk in the match for play-off 1, the cup final, which was a ‘sofa’, the two matches against Union in the playoffs … Anderlecht simply did not give up in those matches. Part is imposed on the coach.”

“The company’s constant statements about the limited budget also kept getting sharper. Okay, Anderlecht is still not a rich club, but the budget is less limited than he would like it to be.”

“Repeatedly referring to his team’s youthfulness did not go well either. If one does an analysis of Anderlecht’s basic team this season, one can hardly call it a youthful team.”

Especially the way Anderlecht started a couple of crucial matches was a bad experience. The coach was charged with that.

Peter Vandenbempt

“There was no future in the collaboration”

“Everyone agrees that Kompany could last much longer than a ‘regular coach’. But almost everyone also agreed that it was justified. It also indicated that the bosses had the greatest confidence in Vincent Kompany. That they would have this project – to use that word again – to succeed with Kompany. “

“Let’s not forget that President Vandenhaute had to put his good friend for many years, Frank Vercauteren, aside for Kompany. At one point, the board and Kompany began to grow apart, I think. And that’s how it got harder and harder.”

“Finally, Vandenhaute also made it clear that despite his status and merits, Kompany would still be rated as a coach and not as a club icon. That may have happened in recent days. He has admittedly received more credit, but at “At the end of the day, it should be looked at. Whether there was still a future in the collaboration. It may have become clear on both sides that it would be difficult next season.”

In recent weeks, there has been more and more noise about the collaboration between Vandenhaute and Kompany.

“There was progress under Kompany, but the cup final was colossal disappointment”

Kompany personified the new wind that had been blowing in Brussels for several years. “Everyone in Anderlecht went into that project as an inexperienced person,” Vandenbempt emphasizes. “Vandenhaute is still an inexperienced chair, Verbeke is still an inexperienced sports director, and Kompany is certainly an inexperienced coach.”

How can Kompany look back on its performance at RSCA? “All in all, the club has developed, there have been sporting advances and Kompany has certainly developed as a coach. Where in the beginning he still naively wanted to play offensively and according to the Manchester City philosophy, he has now and then started playing more pragmatically. . “

He also rotated a lot less. In the beginning, players were sometimes on the starting line one week and in the stands the next, without any explanation from Kompany, because he “did not have to give that explanation”. That’s all things. Kompany has grown into . “

“With a few exceptions, his team was always well organized, with a clear plan. There has also been more variation in the attacking game. So there is certainly a lot to be said about the development that Kompanty has undergone in Anderlecht.”

If you say you’ve made tremendous progress, then when you can reap, as in the cup final, make sure your team is ready.

Peter Vandenbempt

“But if, like Kompany, you say you’ve made tremendous progress, then when you can start reaping, like the cup final that was so important to the club, make sure your team is ready to do that.” “

“That defeat in the cup final was a colossal disappointment. Mark Coucke, who has not said a word for several months, then made himself heard again. It was also a bit bad, but he was more than right.”

“It was the moment they worked so hard for: the chance to win another prize. The comparison with Club Brugge was also often made, for the first trophy that the club won after many difficult years was also the trophy in 2016. It was the first “tangible award for the duo Verhaeghe and Mannaert.”

Is Kompany on his way to Burnley? “Perhaps his only option”

Kompany has slammed the door to Anderlecht behind him. Burnley is mentioned as a possible new destination. Is Kompany going to England? “It did not play a role in Anderlecht’s decision. Although Kompany did not have a club interested in him, he would not have been Anderlecht’s coach next season.”

“If he is now eligible for the coaching job at Burnley, I would be surprised. Then he ends up in a club under construction in the Championship, where he has to introduce a whole new football philosophy. As far as I know. Burnley is still an old-fashioned English club. But maybe he sees a challenge in that, and maybe that’s the only option for him. “

“We always have the impression that there is an incredible demand for coach Kompany internationally, and that people see an incredible potential, but I can imagine that people elsewhere would like to see something more concrete before handing over the keys. to a team .. ”

At Burnley, Kompany will introduce a new football philosophy in the second division. And as far as I know it’s an old school club.

Peter Vandenbempt

“Felice Mazzu is highly respected by Anderlecht’s board”

Anderlecht are now looking for a new coach. Who are the candidates according to Vandenbempt? “A name has already been mentioned: Felice Mazzu. I know he is highly valued by the Anderlecht management. But whether it will be something concrete, we will see in the coming days.”

“But an icon has been pushed aside with Kompany. It will not be easy weeks and months for Anderlecht. Thanks to Kompany’s credit, the fans have remained fairly calm after all the many disappointments. Just because the fans did not want to lose Kompany’s weight as a coach That buffer is now gone. “

“Vandenhaute and Verbeke are once again completely in the wind. It’s not hard to predict that if things go wrong again in the future, the public will react as usual, although management will be aware of this.”

“What Anderlecht need is a successful transfer period with some reinforcements and a few guys staying, such as a Zirkzee. There is also a need for some windfall at the start of the competition and a good start in Europe. Then Kompany will soon be forgotten, his thoughts wandering in the Lotto Park for a long time to come.

Kompany was a buffer for the fans. It’s gone now.

Peter Vandenbempt

Union coach Felice Mazzu has been appointed as Kompany’s successor in Anderlecht.

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