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Statements by Kate Moss and an employee of TMZ, stories of severed fingers and extreme violence: With all the bizarre and intense details, one could almost forget what the lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is about. What will the judge and jury decide soon?

The trial is likely to end on Friday. At least: the treatment of it. Then everyone testified, and Heard and Depp’s lawyers came up with their concluding arguments. From that moment on, it’s up to the judge and the seven-man jury to decide the fate of the two actors who have been at odds with each other for years.

Depp filed a lawsuit against Heard, accusing her of slander and libel. The actress is demanding $ 50 million from her ex and a correction for the statements she has made. According to Depp, he was not violent under their circumstances, something Heard wrote in a column in Washington Post claimed.

Over the last few weeks, Heard and Depp have talked about their relationship in great detail, in front of the jury, the judge and the whole world. The whole case could be followed online, so the case received extreme attention in traditional media and on social media. Both actors testified and accused each other of violence in the relationship.

For example, Depp said Heard was the cause of his loss of part of his finger. The actress is said to have thrown a bottle at him and beaten his hand. While being treated for it, the actor told the doctor that he himself had caused the accident to protect her then husband.

Depp testified that his excessive drinking and drug use was due to the many problems the couple had. He also shared that Heard once put a cigarette in his face and how the actress used her troubled childhood several times to bully him.

Heard had a completely different story: She says Depp had an extreme substance and alcohol abuse and became regularly aggressive as a result. She is said to have been beaten and pushed by him several times, details that also emerged in the case that served in the UK in 2020. Depp lost that lawsuit: he wanted a correction of The sun, because the newspaper called him a womanizer, but the judge saw sufficient basis for it. Depp had to pay his ex millions of euros.

Heard and Depp at the time of their wedding.

Heard and Depp at the time of their wedding.

Heard and Depp at the time of their wedding.

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In this new case, Heard stated that she too would have been sexually abused by the actress. He had penetrated her with a bottle without permission, she claimed. In addition, Depp was under the influence of ecstasy pills.

Heard and Depp were not the only ones sitting in court. Heard’s sister, for example, said she was also once beaten by Depp. Kate Moss testified to the opposite: For years, there have been stories that the model had been pushed down a flight of stairs by him during her relationship with Depp, but the model has now contradicted these stories.

Another ex from Depp, actress Ellen Barkin, said the actress was extremely jealous. Then he could get pretty aggressive, she said. He must have once thrown a glass bottle at her. Depp’s lawyer argued that Barkin always expected more from the relationship than the actor, and that there were feelings of revenge. Heard’s attorney issued a similar statement for testimony from an entertainment staff member TMZ. This employee said Heard herself contacted the site to make sure pictures were taken when she filed a lawsuit against Depp. Heard’s attorney claimed that this employee testified to “fifteen minutes of fame.”

So a lot of accusations back and forth, but so what? In the coming days, the jury and the judge will consider all testimonies and evidence and then decide the verdict. Incidentally, it’s not just the $ 50 million at stake that Depp is demanding from Heard: she has demanded $ 100 million from him in the same case. The star status that the two once had, they have, according to experts, lost forever. Due to the extreme details, the audience can never look at the actors the same again.

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