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The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​scheduled for this weekend in the streets of Monte Carlos. Ho-Pin Tung, driver and analyst at NU.nl and Viaplay, is looking forward to the seventh race of the season.

In recent years, Monaco has inevitably been a circuit in which Red Bull was previously seen as the favorite. Is it still like this this year?

“Monaco is traditionally raced after Spain, and you can already see from the twisted third sector which teams will be good in Monte Carlo. Red Bull was also very good in the third sector this year, but Ferrari was good at qualifying. “Half a tenth faster. Surprisingly, the Alfa Romeo was also in good condition, but they also have a very short wheelbase this year compared to other teams.”

And Mercedes?

“Mercedes took a big step in Barcelona, ​​nevertheless I expect them to fall short in Monaco. Traditionally, Mercedes has a car with a relatively long wheelbase, and they have it again this year. It takes time in Monaco’s narrow “… because the car then turns less easily in corners. Ferrari, which like the Alfa Romeo drives with short wheelbase, has an advantage because of this.”

“It will also be interesting to see how these cars will behave in Monaco. For example, this season we see that motorists often avoid the curbs due to the stiffness of the cars. But in Monaco you have a number of points where you are faster, if you are full on the curbs, but of course it involves a certain risk. “

Monaco GP schedule

  • Friday 14.00-15.00: First free training
  • Friday 17.00-18.00: Second free training
  • Saturday 13.00-14.00: Third free practice
  • Saturday 16-17: Qualification
  • Sunday at 15: Run

Monaco is also a track where it is difficult to overtake. To what extent do you expect us to see catch-ups this year?

“It all depends on the tire wear, and we have seen in years before that it is difficult to estimate in advance. In Miami we expected a lot of tire wear, and it was relatively easy. In Barcelona there was also expected wear, and it turned out, among other things. .a. be the case. “

“Normally Monaco does not eat tires as the speed is low and the tire has time to recover at enough points on the track. The track has many short and slow turns, which gives relatively little energy to the tire. The track is often paved again, so the asphalt is not very rough. “

“But if the drivers for some reason suffer from tire wear, it is possible to overtake at some points. We have seen in recent races that close tracking with this year’s new cars is much better.” and we also saw quite a few traction problems, which could help when leaving corner 8, for example. Due to the relatively low speeds in Monaco, positioning is important to initiate an action and more wear and tear means we will see this more. if that rain could of course also increase the overtaking possibilities. “

Monaco are no longer sure of a place on the Formula 1 calendar after this year.

Monaco are no longer sure of a place on the Formula 1 calendar after this year.

Monaco are no longer sure of a place on the Formula 1 calendar after this year.

Photo: Getty Images

Finally, Monaco’s contract expires, which means that this historic track is no longer sure of a place on the Formula 1 calendar. Would you think it would be a shame if this circuit disappears from the calendar?

“It’s a bit of a double whammy. In terms of racing, we haven’t really seen much spectacle in recent years. The current layout of the track has been unchanged for a long time. And if they want to change the layout at all, then it’s not true that it’s something that it is at all doubtful whether it is possible in the narrow streets. “

“On the other hand, every driver thinks it’s cool to drive in Monaco, and everyone is looking forward to going there. Every lap you really drive at the border, and as a driver you can not afford a single mistake, unlike many other. street circuits on the calendar. That makes this course unique, even though Monaco is no longer sacred in terms of spectacular races. “

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