Fixed 5.4 meter high Stitcher bridge ‘will restrict shipping’

Due to high costs, the new Straatterbrug will be a fixed bridge instead of a movable bridge. Something that, among others, Alphen aan den Rijn Kommune regrets. The municipality therefore draws attention to the consequences of, among other things, the traffic situation in the middle ring, boat recreation and commercial shipping.

Stitcherbrug is part of the provincial road N207, an important arterial road from Gouda via Waddinxveen, Boskoop, Alphen aan den Rijn, Leimuiden in the direction of Amsterdam. Approximately 36,400 vehicles cross the bridge every day. Stitcher use is at the end of its technical life. In addition, the bridge no longer meets today’s functional requirements (including separate traffic flows between car and slow traffic) and can be optimized for capacity. So it’s high time for a new bridge.

No movable bridge

To enable the construction of a future municipal center, the bridge will be twice as wide. The plan of the province of South Holland to realize a movable bridge was good, but during the development of the design for the new Stitcher bridge, it became clear that the replacement and extension of the bridge could not be realized within the available budget. It will require an additional 12 million. Therefore, the current supply has stopped and the province has explored various options for replacing the current bridge within the given economic framework.

Fast bro

An initial study showed that a fixed bridge with a vertical ground clearance of 5.40 meters is the most promising alternative to a movable bridge. It is a bridge with one long bridge deck, so without a fulcrum in the water. Because, according to the province, the current waterway class can be maintained with this vertical clearance. The existing bridge has a headroom of 4.6 meters. How high the top of the bridge will eventually be depends on the technical design and any tailor-made solutions for companies.

According to the province, a fixed bridge has even more benefits. “With a fixed bridge, there is no need for a bascule basement (and possibly no pier) in the water, so the bridge will appear less massive. A fixed bridge is by definition quieter than a movable bridge. The deck on a fixed bridge may be made of concrete instead of steel. Concrete is less exposed to vibrations from road traffic than a movable steel bridge section. The noise when the bridge is closed is also a thing of the past. Finally, the construction time for a fixed bridge is generally shorter than for a movable bridge, which reduces the nuisance to the environment during construction. ”


There is a lot to be done to make the new Stitcher bridge not a movable bridge, but a fixed bridge. For example, this would constitute an obstacle to shipping that depends on the Oude Rijn as a route. A height of at least 6.6 meters would be appropriate. Like other municipalities in the area, Alphen aan den Rijn municipality also speaks from. The municipality regrets that the tender for a mobile bridge did not succeed. “For us, the possibility of a fixed bridge is negotiable from a traffic engineering point of view.”

In a letter, the municipality points out that several bridges in the area have recently been renovated and kept mobile. “A new permanent Stitcher bridge will form a restriction on the network of waterways. The Hollandse Plassen network, Bodegraven municipality, Woerden municipality and the province of Utrecht draw attention to the restriction for recreational boating with a standing mast if a fixed bridge is chosen. response from Waterrecreatie Nederland regarding the limitation of the national basic recreational tour network. “

In addition, the municipality would like to draw attention to the consequences for the traffic situation at the central ring in Alphen aan den Rijn. The construction of this ring ensures that traffic is encouraged to make less use of the road structure within the residential areas. “This ring road requires a somewhat wider bridge,” says the municipality. “A fixed bridge has benefits for the settlement of car traffic. But we also expect that a changing scope will give rise to a critical look at the design and possibly anticipate a connection between the north and south rings at the bridge connections in the new design. ”

The goal for the province is still to replace the Stitcher bridge within five years.

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