HP offers new applications for Additive Manufacturing

At the RAPID + TCT event, North America’s largest additive manufacturing event, HP Inc. demonstrated innovative applications and production components together with partners and customers. These applications provide solutions for the automotive industry, the consumer market, health and wellness and industry. HP continues to innovate and invest to serve customers looking to scale up the production of Additive Manufacturing (AM) parts.

“Companies of all sizes, across industries, are innovating how to design and mass-produce goods – all while keeping personalization and sustainability at the forefront,” said Didier Deltort, President of Personalization & 3D Printing, HP Inc. “To scale production and bring customized products to market quickly and efficiently, companies need to be confident that AM solutions can meet demand. We are committed to innovating and improving our HP Metal Jet and Multi Jet Fusion platforms to support our production partners and customers who push the boundaries of AM production. “

Accelerate production on a large scale

From design to production, HP is investing in improving its technology platforms, workflow and automation solutions, services and its Digital Manufacturing Network (DMN) partnerships to accelerate large-scale production. Sculptéo, a leading provider of 3D print production services and part of the BASF brand, joined the network locally as a certified digital production partner. The network includes both Manufacturing Partners and Multi Jet Fusion Production Professionals, which provide qualified production services.

“Our mission is to be the leading partner in the industry and deliver continuous innovation, collaboration and investment to scale additive production,” said Wayne Davey, Global Head of 3D Printing Solutions Go-to-Market at HP Inc. “Together with our digital production network, we are ready to transform industries and help customers unlock innovative new applications.”

New platform innovation and professional services

To enable customers to grow and scale AM ​​production, HP offers a range of new platform and solution enhancements as well as expanding its professional services, including:

New HP Jet Fusion 5200 printing capabilities: Customers using HP’s Jet Fusion 5200 3D printing solution worldwide now have access to enhanced performance with superior repeatability, reliability and part quality. Companies looking for AM for serial production and mass customization make it possible both with HP’s Jet Fusion 5200 platform, with best-in-class speed and cost, and with new features that enable greater control from job to job and printer to printer to make.

Advanced solutions and professional services, including new xRServices: To support customers looking to build AM capacity and expand their business, HP offers hardware solutions such as HP Automatic Unpacking Station and a range of professional services, including new xRServices.

HP announced xRServices for industrial print customers last year and now also offers its 3D customers xRServices, which provide 24-hour access to technical support or virtual content. xRServices is based on Microsoft HoloLens 2 and delivers an advanced Mixed Reality system with hyperreal virtual presence for troubleshooting, training, repairs and process optimization. Once users have put on the headset, they can get in touch with HP engineers in seconds – and experience their physical presence with a remote support coach who can advise them on any issue, at any point in their print production. Additionally, if they need something right away, customers can also do it themselves through ‘always on’ step-by-step guided procedures that are virtually displayed on the printers so they can help themselves.

“Our ambition is to be number one in the industry, and HP’s comprehensive solutions, services and flexible business models help us grow and meet our customers’ needs,” said Oscar Klassen, CEO of JawsTec.

JawsTec joins the growing number of HP partners and customers who are leveraging the 3D-as-a-Service (3DaaS) business model to scale faster by unlocking capital agility and improving corporate agility.

car manufacturers

The world capital of the automotive industry, Detroit, Michigan, has been an important area for industry leaders to realize the benefits of 3D printing. HP collaborates with dozens of automakers, suppliers and production partners around the world to design and develop durable parts from prototypes to series production.

General Motors: The company has produced a variety of parts using Multi Jet Fusion, including a recent example of using an innovative approach to seal a spoiler-close-out. By partnering with HP and GKN Forecast 3D, GM was able to speed up drying time, speed up the production process for large SUVs and successfully create and polish the necessary 60,000 parts in five weeks.

Stellantis: In a unique partnership, Stellantis, HP, Mäder and ERPRO joined forces to use 3D printing technology to bring innovation to the automotive industry. Through this joint effort, PEUGEOT was able to reinvent car accessories, including: a sunglasses holder, a can holder and a telephone / card holder.

Oregon State University (OSU): Oregon State University’s Global Formula Racing team built high-performance racing capabilities and used HP Multi Jet Fusion to deliver a cooling jacket for its engines. OSU also uses HP Metal Jet for faster and more agile product development, an important part of competitive racing.

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