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The husband of a teacher who died in a shooting at a Texas elementary school two days ago has died of a heart attack today. The couple leaves behind four children. “He died of grief.”

Relatives have informed that Joe Garcia, husband of Irma Garcia (48), died today. Just two days after his wife was tragically killed when an armed man entered Robb Elementary School in the small Texas town of Uvalde and opened fire.

Joe died of a medical emergency, Cousin Debra Austin said. That heart attack, she says, was caused by the dramatic event a few days earlier. “I think Joe died of a broken heart. Losing the love of his life for over 25 years was too much to bear.” Cousin John Martinez is also sure: ,, Joe Garcia died of grief. I really have no words for how we all feel. God have mercy on us, it is not easy. “

protect the class

Irma Garcia was one of two teachers who died in the deadly massacre along with 19 students. She was shot while trying to protect the children in her class. Her bravery is praised. She was found by officers with children in her arms, Martinez said that New York Times† “She sacrificed herself to protect the children in her class. She was a hero.”

The couple had been together since high school, married for 24 years and left four children; two boys and two girls from 13 to 23 years. “No child has to go through this, my heart is broken for them,” Martinez said.

Semi-automatic rifle

On Tuesday, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos barricaded himself in elementary school in the fourth-grade classroom (ages 9 and 10) with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. He had legally purchased two such rifles a few days earlier, shortly after his 18th birthday.

His motive is still unclear. According to Governor Abbott, the teenager, who lives in the town of 16,000 people about 85 miles west of San Antonio, had no known criminal or mental health history.

Police officers eventually broke into the classroom and killed the gunman.

More than $ 300,000 has now been donated to Gofundme for the relatives of Irma and Joe Garcia. Amounts are still being donated to the relatives of the dead victims of the drama in Uvalde. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have already been raised for funerals of at least seven children.

The deceased teachers are known for throwing themselves at the children to protect them. “So many people loved her and she will be so missed,” wrote Irma Garcia’s cousin. The money is to be paid for her funeral and the rest goes to the children via a check.

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