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By the editors on 27-05-2022

EIBERGEN – On June 8, all inventors can come to work in BIEBlab. You get started with Lego WeDo. The BIEBlab starts at You can register via the site or 088-0062929 and the participation cost is € 2.50. East-Achterhoek Library organizes BIEBlab especially for children from group 5 to 8.

marble floor
What kind of technological tool can you use? A room cleaner? A domestic worker? You invent and design a machine, which you then build with Lego WeDo. You program it via the app and in this way you find out if the machine also works as you had planned. Maybe you still need to adjust the design?

Collaboration Library and ‘Culture’
Activities in connection with BIEBlab are arranged twice a month in two departments in Berkelland. In Ruurlo this is the first and third Wednesday of the month, in Eibergen the second and fourth Wednesday of the month. Sometimes ‘Culturije’ is responsible for the program, other times the East-Achterhoek library is responsible for organizing the day.

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Mees van den Brink Vacancies

Ekaterina Levental tells, sings, dances and plays her life story in the synagogue in Borculo
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Children’s afternoon with sign language in the Library
EIBERGEN – After successful editions for adults in Eibergen and Lichtenvoorde, Femke Keupink will give on Wednesday 15 June at 14.00 in the Bible ……
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Inventor with Lego WeDo in Ruurlo and Eibergen
EIBERGEN – On June 8, all inventors can come to work in BIEBlab. You get started with Lego WeDo. The BIEBlab starts at It must be……
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Digital health workshops at the library
BERKELLAND – The month of June is about health in the East-Achterhoek Library. In all three municipalities (East Gelre, Berkelland and Win ……
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DEO JO19 master
BORCULO – What apotheosis for coach Marcel Platje’s boys! Ten days ago, the task was simple. Win three finals and hope for one ……
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Singer and pianist Roon Staal comes to Ruurlo during his summer tour
RUURLO – Following the successful Spring Tour, 42-year-old singer, songwriter, pianist and actor Roon Staal is once again touring the country with his Summer Tour. At ……
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See you in Berkelland on June 15
BERKELLAND – On Wednesday evening, 15 June, Naoberfonds, Frivilligplatformen and Berkelland Business Circle will arrange an evening to meet each other.
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Berkelland competition Ascension Day in Neede
NEEDE – The Berkelland competition is the annual jumping and dressage event under the Ascension of the Needse association de Pasruiters. On Thursday……
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Results company shooting tournament Diabolo Borculo
BORCULO – The corporate tournament in 2022 organized by the shooting club Diabolo has already come to an end. The tournament again has a lot of enthusiastic tea ……
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Military exercise from 30 May to 2 June in Berkelland
BERKELLAND – The Ministry of Defense is holding an exercise from 30 May to 2 June 2022. The exercise will also take place in Berkelland. That makes ……
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Joint Pentecost celebration of the ‘Berkelland Churches’ in Borculo
BERKELLAND – Pentecost morning, 5 June, the PKN municipalities PG De Wijngaard, PG Eibergen-Rekken and PG Neede will arrange the Pentecost party in a ge ……
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Renewed Achterhoek council started after the election
BERKELLAND – Monday evening the 23rd of May, the hall at DRU Cultuurfabriek was filled with relaxed introductions about information stands for the six themes ……
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Boenders Eibergen

Frats by Marcel Stroet

crazy shit
NEEDE – What a hassle it is that everyone has to pay for the high energy prices, but we can not understand it. Ollie partnerships threaten wook ……
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Frills Contradictions
NEEDE – Gradually, it’s just that gin people understand the world more. The whole world is aware that we need to be a little more frugal on the earlobe ……
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Frats Bust
NEEDE – Willem Sluiter has lived in Eibargen for many years, but it seems that the dissent’s priest and poet was born in Neede. We can do that as Needenaren natu ……
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Frats the photographer
NEEDE – In the past, in fact not so long ago, it was quite a situation when a photographer came. Every mash than the Sunday clothes ……
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Miller Bennie Mensink thinks far from stopping

NEEDE – Mills all over the country opened their doors last weekend during the national mill weekend. This is also the case in Neede, where Bennie Mensink and his colleagues focused on the mill on Diepenheimseweg. During this weekend, they are drawing attention to the recruitment of new turbines because this is currently minimal. Mensink: “It’s a beautiful craft that should not be lost.” About twenty visitors were gathered in and around the mill on Saturday morning. Pancakes are baked, you can braid wicker baskets and get a tour of the mill. “In this section, we make the mixture for our breads, pancakes and pastries. Our self-built mechanisms are driven by the blades of the mill. We are doing well here, “says a satisfied Mensink.

Young and old can enjoy the mill, which has recently been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. “We hope that the young people will sign up for the miller education, because it is too fun to let it go to waste,” says Mensink. Meanwhile, Mensink hopes to remain active as a miller in the coming years. “I do not think about stopping for a long time, I hope to continue until I get old.”

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