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DEURNE – Rini Claassen went to this school. Later also his son Dirk. And now grandson Tygo. They often saw children or grandchildren of former students show up at D’n Bogerd.

One hundred years ago, the primary school in Sint-Jozef parish in Deurne started. Since then, the school has had many names. She was alternately public and Roman Catholic and had separate boys ‘and girls’ wards.

Three generations of Claassen aged 69, 37 and 5 tell how they experienced their school days, or how they feel now. The youngest member is in group 2 with master Henk. It becomes clear that he feels at home at D’n Bogerd as he runs through the hallways in search of a suitable photo spot for the newspaper. Will it be the doll’s corner, the stage in the auditorium or with the cars in his classroom?


It used to be called De Springplank here and then De Beukelaar

Tygo Claassen

Last week, the school celebrated its 100th anniversary by doing something different with the students every day. There was a bouncy castle day and a science experiment workshop for children. Tygo was particularly pleased with the trip to Toverland, but the street play day could also count on his enthusiasm. “Dad helped. We all played games on the street. I liked football and sidewalks the best.”

The preschooler likes to share what he knows about the history of his school. “It was called De Springplank here and saw De Beukelaar.”

Boys ‘and girls’ school

That was after Grandpa Rini was there. In his time, the educational institution was divided into a boys ‘and a girls’ school, which was named after Saint Joseph. He still remembers all the teachers Master Wiegers made the most impression. “It was in fifth grade. He always made it a party and was dismissive of protocols. Despite the fun, we learned a lot.”

The Deurnenaar, who still live in the area, made lifelong friends in primary school. “I’m still talking about that time with some of them. Together we arranged a reunion in 1996. Almost the whole class came to it. ”


I think it is symbolic that many of my teachers are still there

Dirk Claasen

There was also a reunion this festive week. Rini found no classmates there. So does his son Dirk. “I got rid of D’n Bogerd in 1997. I still remember the week of schooling well. We did all kinds of excursions and had a class party at the end. I was sad to go. The atmosphere here at the school has always been good.” Many teachers from that time still teach today. “I think it’s a sign that they’re still there.”

Community school

In 2010, the school moved into a new building in the exact same location as before. The playgroup and babysitting were added. Since then, the official name has been Brede skole D’n Bogerd.

According to former students Rini and Dirk, the grade has remained the same. Rini: “The hundred years is really a milestone. I’m also proud of the school. ” Dirk: “I’m glad my kids are here. The daughter Anouk is going here in September. “

anniversary song

Finally, the son Tygo would like to sing the anniversary song. “We learned that especially at the party.” With a little help from Dad, he begins: “About a hundred years ago, where we are now …” The song ends with: “Proud of this place, we love Bogerd!”

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