Looking outside the garden at Ingrid in Zwolle: ‘The design comes from a broadcast of Vtwonen’

Ingrid Bloemink’s and her husband’s garden in Aa-Landen in Zwolle seems to come directly from a housing magazine. Cozy seating is created everywhere. And there is no shortage of sun in this south-facing garden. “The style is industrial with a beach feel here and there.” We take a look!

Fragrant lavender, relaxed lounge sofas and cozy beach atmosphere: In Ingrid’s garden you immediately get into the summer atmosphere. Ingrid lives with her children and husband in the district Aa-landen. The garden is located at the back of the house and is an extension of the conservatory. “As soon as the sun shines, the sliding doors open. Connecting the interior with the exterior is the goal of the garden, ”says Ingrid.

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Rather stolen well than poorly conceived

Where did Ingrid get her inspiration for the garden? “It’s a funny story,” laughs Ingrid. “He is inspired by a broadcast of Vtwonen. The people from the broadcast turned out to live in Zwolle. I thought the end result of the makeover was so cool that I wanted to get in touch with them. So I left a message on Facebook. The owners of the Vtwonen Garden did not mind me copying it a bit. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. “

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Pine, terrace and trampoline

Ingrid and her husband bought the house about five years ago. Not only inside but also outside was immediately addressed. First of all, the huge pine tree was felled. “That wood made the house very dark.” The pond and the old terrace also provided space for new, fresh tiles. “We temporarily reused the patio as a fence so our dog could run free in the yard.” And as the icing on the cake, there was a trampoline. “It simply came to our notice then. The trampoline has stood in all corners of the garden during the renovation. ”

colorful lavender

It was only when there was nothing left in the garden that the division started. Ingrid chose several cozy seats and green plants and colorful flowers at the edges of the garden. “We deliberately chose flower boxes in height. I have back problems and am quite tall, so this is much nicer gardening. ”

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From swing to punching bag

Ingrid and her husband built the roof and the black fence themselves. “With a little support and ideas from friends.” There is now a swing hanging from the roof, but it may be different next month, according to Ingrid. “It simply came to our notice then. Sometimes there is a lounge chair, and in the corona era it was a punching bag. ”

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The life of the island

Ingrid went for an industrial, robust look with a beach feel here and there. “I saw the parasol during our holiday on Bonaire. It immediately gives a summer feeling. ” But not only Bonaire, Texel was also a source of inspiration. “It really is our island.”


Ingrid gets a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. Here she stumbled upon a creative DIY table clamp project. “I took the two branches from the forest and then cast them in concrete. Solar cell light on it and your table frame is ready! “The coffee table with the lounge set is also homemade by the couple.” We used a leftover table top from the kitchen island for that. “

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a lot of street work

Ingrid’s sense of styling can be seen in the garden. As an interior stylist, she helps others realize a dream interior. Does she have any tips for styling a garden? “Zoom out before committing to a plan. What is your goal and where would you like to sit?”

Does Ingrid have any wishes for her garden? “No, it’s all done now. We were considering a lawn, but we’re afraid we will not use it. There is now a lot of street work, where the disadvantage is that the water is worse for draining. ”

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