Fashion Monster Festival 2022


NIJMEGEN – “Everyone needs clothes. It’s a way to express ourselves, keep us warm, cover ourselves. But all our costumes have an impact on the planet. In June, we’re organizing ‘Fashion Monster’ in Nijmegen; one month, “where we tackle fast fashion and put slow fashion on a pedestal. We have an accessible program filled with exhibitions, workshops, performances, lectures and experience works,” says the organization.

Under Mode Monster, it’s about raising awareness of the fast fashion problem. “Fashion is obviously not a monster if you handle it well. Our buy-,-buy, and discard choices can turn fashion into a monster. Billions of pieces of clothing end up in the textile waste mountain every year. Let’s do it differently. Come to the Mode Monster Festival on Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of June for tips and inspiration on what we can do to make fashion beautiful. Beautiful as intended. As an entrepreneur and as a consumer, you can make an important contribution to this. The various program components of Mode Monster make you think about the choices you make and how you can improve them. This is to save our planet a little bit. ”


The official opening of the festival is Thursday, June 2 at 1 p.m. Stik soup director Anita Waltman invites councilor Monique Esselbrugge and group 6 of Michiel de Ruyter to build the Fashion Monster together as the start of Slow Fashion month. Angela Vissers has been teaching at schools in Nijmegen and Arnhem in recent weeks, some works resulting in a fashion show on Friday 3 June at 1pm and 2pm.

Exciting program

There is plenty to do on the 4th and 5th of June. For example, in the middle of Plein 1944, you can participate in the artist Anita Waltman’s community art project, where we build a large sample (5 by 6 meters) of ‘old’ clothes. “We encourage people to tackle the ‘monster’ with clothes together. We’re upgrading clothes to art.”

The performance duo Naaistreek surprises you with stimulating lyrics that make you think about your buying behavior in a humorous way. Theater maker Elky Rosa Gerritsen focuses on our relationship to our own clothes. How much clothing do you have? Do you caress it or do you discard it quickly? In a performative installation in the middle of the shopping street, she presents the public with a visually and sound-stimulating problem. Mirella Loeffen makes painted fashion in the form of body paint. ”

“We are arranging a large change of clothes fair on the square. Come and swap something or make something of different clothes that you like. Manon van Woerkom and Tetisca Huijbrechts are ready to help you transform your old clothes into a new on-site design. DJ Jan Liefchief and Jenny Rose provide the music. ”

More activities in June

Sustainable fashion designer Sophie Roumans from the ROUMANS brand and Marta Fernandez Lopez will give a workshop on making Shibori Kimono on June 18th and 19th. In this two-part workshop, we make a kimono from recycled linen, which we work with a binding machine.

Internationally acclaimed fashion designer Bas Kosters arrives at NEUS on June 25 for a sweater party where you can pimp your old sweater to a unique design with a cocktail in hand and club music in your ears along with fashion designer Bas Kosters.


It does not stop there. There are exhibitions in different places in the city. At NEUS, for example, you can stroll along with Grandma’s clothes by artist Bobbine Berden and a video installation by Janna Wieringa. At Ruis’s Lou Cocody-Valentino comes from Brussels. Papengas 6 will include designer Marta Fernandez Lopez. There will also be a Fashion Meet Up led by Jeroen Popelier with among others Mirthe Engelhard and Bobbine Berden as guests.


And there is a sustainable fashion route. “This route takes you past shops with sustainable brands, second-hand and vintage shops and places where you can repair your clothes! And if you do not remember, there is SLOW. Our SLOW Fashion Hero who likes to guide you in a world of slow fashion. How could it be any different? Where can you find sustainable clothing in the city? SLOW is happy to share its tips and experiences with you! In this way, entrepreneurs and consumers together make a difference. ”

Fashion Monster Festival When: 4th to 5th June festival on Plein 1944. The exhibitions and workshops can be seen / done throughout the month of June. Full program:

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