Online courses on physical harm in suspected child abuse

A bruise in a child is not strange. But what if more happens and there is a suspicion of child abuse? Then it is important to know what injuries are and how and when they could have occurred. At the GGDs, doctors and nurses specializing in forensic medicine work. A separate area of ​​expertise is forensic expertise for children: FMEK. FMEK focuses on detecting and identifying injuries in children where physical or sexual abuse is suspected. The Augeo Foundation’s new online courses offer forensic pathologists the tools to recognize, interpret, report injuries and to monitor the relevant legal framework.

Series of three online courses

In connection with forensic expertise, especially for children (FMEK), two online courses are now available:

Damage on suspicion of child abuse

This course highlights the most important points to consider and the pitfalls of investigating injuries in suspected child abuse. The professional learns to look critically at skin abnormalities and assess whether they may be the result of an illness, an accident, or whether they have been inflicted.

Legal issues in forensic research on suspicion of child abuse

This course provides a practical legal framework for acting in forensic expertise, especially for children. It provides answers to legal-health questions that may arise when conducting a forensic injury investigation, including requirements for consent, confidentiality, reporting and information sharing.

The third course is still under development and concerns:

Forensic injury report

This course deals with the principles and skills of pure forensic thinking and reasoning. The professional increases the expertise to properly substantiate facts about injuries based on hypotheses, probability thinking, and probability scenarios according to the Bayesian method.

The accredited online courses have been set up with grants from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports as part of the FMEK education. The courses have been developed by the Augeo Foundation, on behalf of and in collaboration with GGD GHOR Nederland. For the development of the courses, grateful use has been made of expertise and contributions from doctors from the GGDs, FARR, LECK and NFI.

To whom?

The courses are specially developed for forensic doctors and forensic nurses. In addition, the courses are interesting for pediatricians, adolescent doctors, general practitioners, general practitioners and other doctors who in their work are confronted with suspected child abuse. The online courses end with a test and are accredited.

How can the online courses be taken?

A comprehensive description of the courses can be found on the Augeo Foundation’s website. The courses are available separately for € 25 each. The courses can be followed in your own learning environment via a (free) account. For organizations that want to train more employees, a membership is quickly cheaper. You can request information about this via this form.

More information

The FMEK program is carried out under the direction of GGD GHOR Nederland, on behalf of the 25 GGDs. More information about the FMEK (Forensic Medical Expertise for Children) program can be found on GGD GHOR Nederland’s website. The Augeo Foundation helps professionals with their approach to child abuse and domestic violence. It starts with knowledge and skills. There are tailor-made courses for all sectors: from hospital to childcare and from maternity care to education. Augeo is a non-profit fund; all course income is reinvested in projects to tackle domestic violence as effectively as possible. Visit Augeo’s website for more information on Augeo’s training offers.

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