Rosalie Boonstra on the cover of Vogue: ‘Dream come true!’

Making dream dresses for celebrities, designing her own line for fashion week and also studying at the art academy: Arnhem Rosalie Boonstra does it ‘just’. The young fashion talent’s career reached a new high last month. Her design shines on the cover of Dutch Vogue.

Text and photo by: neighborhood contributor Elizabeth Wenting

Rosalie is a fashion designer and lives in a studio in Arnhem. The room is bright, the sun is shining through the large windows. Strips of tulle in bright colors appear between the open clothing bags on the stand, characteristic of her latest designs.

On the cover of Vogue

Two copies of the latest issue of Vogue Nederland are lying on the table next to the bench she’s sitting on. “De Vogue came back to Holland after being away for a while. And on Instagram, the magazine asked what their audience would like to see. I immediately answered with the question of whether they also intended to give young designers a scene in Dutch Vogue. A day later, I actually got an email back from them. “

And now Rosalie’s designs are on the cover of The Wedding Issue. “It actually took a bit of speed as I did not expect it. I realized it was an important moment. I now have to make sure people see my work, because it is now in the picture is.”

Can, must and dare to dream

The recognition of a great platform like Vogue means a lot to her. “Yes, it’s a dream come true. Absolutely! For me, it means that it really is the time to believe in my own work and in myself, and that the boundaries are open. It confirms to me that young people people like us can, must and dare to dream big. Then things like this are possible. In moments like these I think: if I can do this, I can do everything.

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Rosalie for the cover of Vogue. Own photo Rosalie Boonstra

last minute to request

The fashion designer usually spends his days differently than his peers. Last week, she was still busy designing for the Musical Awards. “It was really cool. The requests for such things are frequent last minute finished so I do not have time to make a new dress. We have a fitting and are looking at the possibility. We will choose someone who has not yet been on the red carpet. ”

On the red carpet

When asked if she is already used to seeing her own work on the red carpet, Rosalie answers: “Well, not yet! In October, for example, Linda Hakeboom carried my design to the Televisionr-Ring Gala. It was also very surreal to see her on TV in my dress. ”

She often receives assignments via social media. “I am regularly contacted via Instagram. I also try to make myself visible there. It’s often stylists who find me – they then hire people looking for new talent or designers who could still use a stage. ”

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Back on earth to study

Between all the companies, Rosalie dives into the school desks. “I study fashion & design. In addition, I am doing a minor in entrepreneurship next year so I can pick up things that I can use again. She has quite a hard time ‘getting back to earth’ when she has to study. “Sometimes I’m still confused about all the amazing projects I do. Then I really have to force myself to stay focused.

To be inspired

But maybe Rosalie will fly out during her studies. “Or will I find a way to combine it,” she says. “Most of what I learn now also comes from practice – for example when I make a fitting. The inspiration I get also comes primarily from networking and the conversations I have with photographers or creatives. I really get a lot out of that. ”

Rosalie finds other sources of inspiration in the world around her. “Museums, art house films, music, art history, other designers – and creative freedom can take many different forms. I can also be inspired by nature or certain images. ”

Xiaomi New Talent 2021 Award

It was not illogical for Rosalie to study fashion. Before she ended up at HKU, where she is now in her second year of fashion & design, she studied the same at artEZ in Arnhem. Last year, Rosalie Xiaomi won the New Talent 2021 award during The Hague Fashion Week. This year, she can design her own line for this fashion week.

“The first time people sent me that contest and I saw you have to vote, my reaction was actually ‘who is going to vote for me?’ Later, I noticed that I was very much in touch with people via social media, and it went better than expected to collect votes. The prize was an amount for the collection I can make and a week in Milan – I was on the plane immediately after the victory. “

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‘It’s happening in Amsterdam’

Although she really enjoys it in the fashion city of Arnhem, Rosalie doubts whether Arnhem is still big enough. “For now, yes – although I have to say that Amsterdam is currently the place where everything happens. It is planned to go there one day. At the same time, I am also increasingly in Paris or Milan, and I hope to become international one day. It seems very cool to me! “

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