Slotsparken Nijenborgh: historical surprise, contemporary experience and wonder

The Aldenborgh Weert and Kerkelijke Harmonie St.-Joseph 1880 Weert present the mini-symposium:

Aldenborgh Foundation and Kerkelijke Harmonie St.-Joseph 1880 Weert start the public opening of Nijenborgh Castle Park on Sunday afternoon, June 5, 2022 at. 12.30 with a mini-symposium in Franciscus Huis aan de Biest 43a in Weert.

Nijenborgh Slotspark

This collection of scientists, artists, musicians is free for anyone with an interest in our history and expression. The doors to the Franciscan House open at 12.15 p.m.

The program looks like this:

I. Alfons Bruekers – The reconstruction of ‘flight’ KF590A
The oldest picture of Weert gives new color to Slotsparken Nijenborgh

Anyone who thinks of Weerter Castle can not ignore the epitaph or memorial plaque to Countess Johanna van Meurs (died 1461). She was the wife of Count Jacob I van Horne. In return, he was the founder of both Nijenborgh Castle and Fædrenekloster on the site of the old castle, Aldenborgh.

The painted memorial table, which bore catalog number KF590A in the Kaiser Friedrich Museum in Berlin, contained a lifelike image of the castle with forecourt and monastery by Weert. Since World War II, the artwork must probably be considered lost. However, a hundred-year-old black-and-white photo of the painting has been preserved. Thanks to modern techniques, we have recently had a careful color reconstruction.

The presentation is a virtual time travel. Not just a reconstruction of the special ‘flight’ that KF590A made from Weert via Nunhem, Paris, Leipzig and Berlin back to Weert. It is also the rebirth of the oldest image of Weert and thus literally and figuratively adds extra color to the opening of the new Kasteelpark Nijenborgh.

Alfons Bruekers (Nederweert 1961) works as director of TU / e Innovation Space at Eindhoven University of Technology. Also active as an amateur historian, researcher and publicist. He was active in Nederweert’s municipal cultural heritage committee for decades.

II. Performing the composition Van Horne – Rob Goorhuis

Van Horne’s composition should not be missed during this mini-symposium. The Kerkelijke Harmonie St.-Joseph 1880 Weert, conducted by conductor Bart Deckers, commissioned composer Rob Goorhuis for the composition of Count Van Horne for the Van Horne Year in 2018. The composition was performed for the first time at the end of 2018 in Zottegem and in St. Martin’s Church in Weert. With the performance of this composition, the harmony won a 1st prize with honors in 2019, at the concert competition in the first division. A few weeks ago, the professional large wind orchestra from the Belgian guides again performed the composition Van Horne during ‘Blazen aan het Spui’ in The Hague.
In addition to the Van Horne composition, the Weerter harmony also plays the Spanish works Tercio de Quites and La Leyenda del Beso.
Composer Rob Goorhuis will personally explain his composition Van Horne. Rob Goorhuis has always been a great admirer of Ludwig van Beethoven. For him, Beethoven is a unique example of a creative and idiosyncratic mind.

Egmont and van Horne were beheaded on 5 June 1568 by order of Alva at the Grand-Place in Brussels. Two nobles who, together with William of Orange, formed a triumvirate in the struggle for the interests of the Netherlands against the Spanish King Philip II.

Thanks to the composition of Rob Goorhuis, all three friends are now musically honored: Willem van Oranje in Wilhelmus, Lamoraal van Egmont by, among others, Beethoven and Philip van Horne of Goorhuis.

Rob Goorhuis was born in Amsterdam in 1948 into a family where music played a modest role. After a youth education, he went to study in Utrecht on the advice of his teacher, the organist Bernard Bartelink. A world opened up to him. Music became a passion, a task for life, as a composer, music educator, conductor, harpsichord, pianist and organist.

IV. Jorrit Noordhuizen – landscape architect
Jorrit Noordhuizen will further explain his inspiration and design of the city park. In 2019, together with Lara Voerman, he had Architectural Historian and Personal Architecture commissioned by Weert municipality to redesign the 3.2-hectare city park and forecourt. The city park as one of the most important places in the history of the city. With the redevelopment of the city park, Weert regained an accessible, vibrant and green heart. A place where the experience of physical and intangible history, archeology and cultural heritage education occupies a well-deserved prominent place. A place to relax, play, train and learn. For young and old, for residents and tourists, for the city and the region.

Jorrit Noordhuizen is a landscape architect at NOHNIK arkitektur og landskaber, a design agency for architecture and landscape architecture. As a designer, he is daily involved in making the living environment at home and abroad more sustainable. With the help of designs and strategies for villages, towns, parks and landscapes, the agency works actively towards a climate-adapted and green future.

V. Sculptor Jos Dirix – equestrian statue Philip de Montmorency.

After a few years of patience, the artist can now explain the life-size equestrian statue of Philip van Montmorency, Count van Horne. This is the place in the castle park where the statue after a European tour will be prominent and permanent.

Sculptor Jos Dirix (1958) from Neer makes expressive bronze sculptures. Jos Dirix’s entire oeuvre is a bronze silence of respect for life. Sculptures full of dynamism: horses, bulls, men, women and predators. Each sculpture is a fascinating combination of observation, interpretation and imagination.

WE. Premiere of documentary Expedition Limburg – Experience the past

The official premiere of the section on the excavations in Weert will take place during the mini-symposium. Expedition Limburg is a TV series about Limburg’s undiscovered past. In an increasingly complex world, an archaeologist and a YouTuber travel through the past to understand the present and shape the future. Expedition is a series on history, archeology and cultural heritage for the whole family, with an emphasis on youth.

Benjamin Peeters is a Dutch YouTuber whose music videos in 2017 and 2018, after work by Arjan Lubach and Enzo Knol, ended up in the top 3 and top 5 of the most watched Dutch YouTube videos of the year. His most successful videos have been viewed millions of times.

Donna Dieperink is an archaeologist with a passion for public archeology. She has previously worked for National Archeology Days and National Geographic Channel.

Expedition Limburg is a production Mosasaurus Film Productions. Mosasaurus Film Productions was founded in 1993 by Robin Peeters. Robin graduated from the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam in 1996 and subsequently specialized in films and series on art, culture and science as a producer, writer and director.

WE YOU. Historic procession to Slotsparken

The program in the Franciscus House lasts until around 2 pm, after which we join the historic procession, which moves to Kasteelpark Nijenborgh. Members and guests of Saint Catharina 1480, the city’s civic guard in Weert, Prince William of Orange, his wife Anna van Buren and the widow van de Graaf are also depicted. The city’s citizen guard is also assisted by members of the Volksdansgroep Wertha.

Afterwards, the castle park will be officially opened and the equestrian statue will be transferred to the Weeter community through an official unveiling.

The unveiling of the equestrian statue is musically framed by a brass ensemble by Kerkelijke Harmonie St.-Joseph 1880 Weert. They will perform Fanfare Van Horne 2022, specially composed for this moment. The following is an explanation by artist Jos Dirix.

In Nijenborgh Castle Park there are many activities to see this weekend, such as a historic camp.

For all activities, see:

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