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The parents of the benefit case were crazy. It was their own fault. The distrust of them as educators was justified, and the municipality gladly participated in the stigma of these parents.

I already talked about it in my contribution in 2018. People who were in debt through the empire, not because of their own guilt. The privacy of the families was violated because they were already guilty according to the government, the tax authorities, the government and who else.

They had not yet been chased out of the municipalities where they live with tar and feathers, but their lives were deliberately seriously complicated.

And what do the parents want now?
Their own money back.
And their own children when they too have been placed out of their homes as a result.

What do they get:
Endless bullshit in a letter acknowledging institutional racism, but no one is responsible.

What are they:
An income model for many. And a role model for the oppressed in society.

Some former MPs managed to save their skins in time by taking on other jobs as mayoral posts.
Yes, there are municipalities with mayors who actively contributed to the culture that discriminated and were racist, but who became mayors and could see their victims up close. Not on the arrival of Sinterklaas, of course. Those kids went to see it with their foster family. But when they wanted to look in the food banks, or when they bought pants at the thrift store.

Now it does not come as news to many residents and in their own way they also have experience with the residents’ mistrust.

Many files do not work well. Examples are Ammonslaantje, Tehuset, but also social assistance and youth care.

Now we’m talking about partial mobility scooters. They have no idea how they further restrict the residents’ privacy here, in addition to independence. Adaptation and duty of care is a flexible concept.
All this, of course, on the basis of cost savings.

Do not buy at the front door, but fire with open back doors. This is what fiscal policy looks like in Wassenaar.
Money is transferred to ‘trusted’ partners, who have a bow that a cello would envy.

Officials are there only to support the council, and the administrative culture of Wassenaar still dates back to 1850.

There are lovely people who want money for a new museum in Wassenaar. The joke is that Wassenaar is a large museum. Old lifestyles are still being pursued, and plebs must first prove that they really need money. Populists call this ‘they want free money’. This while it is also a large part brought in by the people themselves. They pay annual tax to the state and again to the municipality.

The populist does not care that it is distributed unfairly. As long as he gets the money. Even if it is by cunning and deception: the fat Me has his money.

Also in Wassenaar, children grow up in poverty. It is a conscious choice of the council. Yes, also from ‘every child a winter coat’ that rings.
As long as all schemes are always too small and the cost to civil servants is 10 times higher (such as Wassenaar buying services from Leidschendam-Voorburg so that the poor nonsense does not have to stand at a counter in the municipality), it always costs more than the ordinary inhabitants.

And when people are complaining about not getting the help and support they need, they should really be grateful. Everything went according to procedure.
The judge has called Wassenaar back in terms of help and support for children, but that should not ruin the coziness. You will be grateful for what you get. You have no right to distrust them; they distrust you.

And that is why everyone is waiting for an honest, transparent management culture.

Except the populists; his fat Me can not cope with so many changes at once.

And Wassenaar municipality? He does not want any trouble. Is bad for the image of a duped elite village.

Brenda Hagen

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