Business Day 2022: Workshops – Building relationships with equity funds and legacy fundraising: To blow or blow?

Today we can again publish a number of workshops held during the new Vakdag Collection Day. During Vakdagen, organized by Vakblad fundraising and Goede Doelen Nederland, you can follow sessions on the thought process around inheritance collection and building relationships with wealth funds.

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Workshop: Wealth Funds – How Do You Build A Good Relationship? (spoken English)

Juliet Arecho, Liesbeth Nagelkerke & Veronika Uhl

When you apply for support for (development) projects, there are countless opportunities with equity funds. But how do you handle this? Are you looking for short-term money or are you building a lasting relationship with a fund? And what should you take into account?

In this interactive session led by the experienced expert Liesbeth Nagelkerke participants go in depth with this topic. Juliet Arecho (Country Manager, Link to Progress from Uganda) will in a livestream explain how Link to Progress has been successful in raising funds from donors. Juliet reflects on what she has learned about building relationships with funds. Veronika Uhl, (as an intermediary involved in this process), discusses the aspects of the good research and genuine interest in the asset fund to find the right match with your charity. This also requires adequate reporting and communication with the Fund. Liesbeth Nagelkerke provides tips and advice on how organizations can build a long-term relationship, what is important in that regard, and how an asset fund can offer partners in addition to money. shortly said/; a workshop full of best practices and interaction for those who want to learn more about working with equity funds.

Juliet Arechoz

Juliet Arechoz is from Uganda and is country manager at Link to Progress – an NGO in Uganda that implements water purification, sanitation and other integrated development projects in rural communities in northern Uganda, where she was responsible for donor management. Juliet has over twelve years of field and management experience in water, sanitation and hygiene.

Liesbeth Nagelkerke

Liesbeth Nagelkerke helps private equity funds in their social ambitions through her company Reach Out 2. She processes hundreds of inquiries a year from organizations to them. One of these is the Femi Foundation, where in addition to project management, she is also responsible for the day-to-day management of approximately twenty volunteers and projects in seven countries. From the Femi Foundation, she works with Link to Progress, which in addition to financing also gets capacity building.

Veronika Uhl

Veronika Uhl With her company Himmelblau, she trains and guides social organizations in strengthening their fundraising capacity. She has extensive experience in building strong and lasting relationships with equity funds, family funds and major donors. Veronika guided the Link to Progress team in raising money.

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Workshop: Legacy sourcing: to pop or to blow?

Elsbeth Takkenberg

In this interactive inspiration session, Elsbeth Takkenberg takes you through the donor process to create a will with a good cause in. You will be challenged to create a legacy program based on the donor and not (only) on the well-known fundraising KPIs. Elsbeth does this based on ten moments in the donor’s thought process where you have a chance or can screw up with your potential testator. The key question is how your charity can better respond to what actually motivates people to leave your cause. The guest speaker will be announced soon.

Elsbeth Takkenberg

Elsbeth Takkenberg is a strategic advisor for inheritance and great gifts. In her work, she focuses on the donor and not on the KPIs. After a career of twenty years as a relationship manager for various charities, she has been an independent advisor since 2019. Since then, she has helped dozens of large and small charities with major fundraising, strategy consulting and training and coaching of relationship managers.

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