In the world of NFT, a gift is sometimes worth a fortune

When it comes to non-fungible tokens, it often comes down to how much they cost. Logically, because this also applies to art and NFTs are seen as digital works of art. However, there is also a large part of the NFT world that is not primarily about money. Free NFTs, little warriors, gifts: sometimes they get a lot of money too. And yes, then again, it’s about money.


A good example of how such an NFT has become popular while it was originally given away for free is Goblintown. They are ugly, green monsters, and one would not think they could represent so much value, but the crypto world is about to come out of it this week.

Goblintown sounds like a place, but it’s not. It’s a group of all goblins NFTs (or, to put it bluntly, pictures of goblins). Each pixie has an owner (or is for sale pending an owner). The Goblintown community likes to share memes, send dirty pictures to each other and most of all make spelling mistakes, but it’s part of it. It may not sound like a community you want to belong to, but make no mistake: it’s all people with at least $ 16,000 in their pocket.


Yep: a pixie is worth no less than $ 16,000 (just under $ 15,000, or actually: 8.95 ETH, ethereum, a cryptocurrency). Yesterday it was half, but today is apparently a good day for cowboys. In any case, yesterday was not bad either: then one pixie was sold for 130,000 euros. Every Goblintown resident is not like the other. There are also known owners, such as The Sandbox metaverse.

Goblintown is like a rebel community. They are ‘swords’, degenerate, people who lead a different lifestyle and who within NFTs often mean that they act quite risky and have a small obsession with crypto. Crypto, which they pay for with, for example, the money that was actually intended for their rent, mortgage or study. Many of these swords can be found in Goblintown, which currently has 4,600 unique inhabitants, if we may describe it that way.

A strange club

This NFT series feels a bit like TikTok is for many older people. You feel like you’re at a party where you have the completely wrong outfit, where you can not follow the people and do not understand the antics. And yes, somehow it makes sense that you want to be a part of it somehow. Not only to belong to a group, but also to simply be able to make chocolate from what is going on. But whether you will ever succeed with a circus called Goblintown, that’s the question.

Very nice, the NFT success, but what makes Goblintown so special? That is, these NFTs were once free to make. As a result, many people have gotten such a pixie for free, which they can now sell for huge sums. A free gift that is worth a lot of money. This happens more often within the NFT world, especially when you belong to a particular community. In fact, the elves seem to have another free drop tomorrow. Not bad, because in the end, they are now jointly giving millions.

Free NFT

There are a total of 9,999 goblins to collect, so we do not expect to get rid of the Goblintown community yet. It is not known who started this initiative. However, it is clear that NFTs do not necessarily have to be of a Louis Vuitton-like designer quality to achieve the same image. The elves must not be seen and at the same time they must not be pulled. And that for a line that started for free, which is proof to many people that one needs to be fast with new, young, fresh NFTs.

At the same time, there are so many NFTs in the world that it is very rare for one to go as viral as Goblintown this week. But what you can learn from this is that a free NFT certainly does not mean it is worthless. In addition to entertainment value (which can certainly be said about this particular NFT collection), it can also have a very high cryptocurrency value.

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