New Lenze decentralized frequency converters for energy efficient production • AT-Drive technology

In the i550 and i650 motec frequency converters, Lenze uses intelligent technologies and comprehensive connectivity options

Rising demands for energy efficiency and plant transparency pose new challenges for industry. Lenze therefore introduced an intelligent, cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for the Hannover Messe 2022 with the new decentralized frequency converters from i-series motec. Main applications for the new inverters are in intralogistics, automotive and consumer goods manufacturing.

The increasing digitalisation of the industry occupies an important place in the public debate. Peter Blatter, Head of Product Management Inverters at Lenze, says: “Digitization also enables sustainable innovations in drive technology. In i550 and i650 motec frequency converters, we use intelligent technologies and comprehensive connectivity. This opens up new standards for efficient production processes.”

i550 and i650 motec frequency converters

With its digital functions, the frequency converter undertakes several tasks simultaneously: it acts as an efficient sensor in the system, collects data and transfers them reliably in a standardized way to higher level IIoT platforms and edge systems. Motec’s connectivity speeds up and facilitates ongoing production processes. This is thanks to Drives DataHub software from Lenze, which provides direct access to important drive data via several communication interfaces.

Real-time analyzed sensor data

In particular, the integrated IO-Link master provides machine operators with high-quality information on drive technology. The sensor data analyzed in real time paves the way for condition monitoring and predictable maintenance. “This gives customers a comprehensive overview of the condition of their machine, allowing them to plan service and maintenance operations in advance, saving time and money,” explains Blatter.

Quick access to relevant data

Before and during commissioning, the decentralized frequency converter makes a significant contribution to an improved value chain, because important product data can be viewed at any time. The digital nameplate supports asset management standards and can be read out via smartphone or directly via the frequency converter. This gives machine operators quick and easy access to relevant data such as product code, CAD files and spare parts information.

regenerative energy

An important energy-saving factor is the motec’s integrated regenerative unit. Machine operators can rest assured that regenerative energy is not lost in braking resistors, as the motor automatically carries them back to the grid at no additional hardware cost. In addition, the frequency converter controls synchronous motors completely without sensors.

The compact drive package consisting of gear, motor and inverter proves to be extremely energy efficient. In combination, the three components ensure a minimal CO2 footprint of the application. The savings are especially evident in intralogistics, as conveyor belts are sometimes kilometers long and thousands of drives are in use – and that adds up.

The new frequency converter is also available with built-in safety

In addition, features such as ‘VFC eco’ and ‘PROFIenergy’ improve the energy balance in the installation. If EASY System Designer from Lenze is also used, an optimal design of the installation is guaranteed. The intelligent software prevents oversizing and leads to energy savings of up to 30 percent compared to previous designs.

Powerful, easy to use, secure

The inverter connection supports the entire system and simplifies the process chain from the start thanks to the new M12 plug-in push-pull cable technology. Blatter emphasizes: “There is no way to connect an inverter faster and more reliably.” Voltage-free parameterization, simple menu navigation and convenient factory settings are other excellent features that simplify commissioning.

With integrated positioning, motec also masters dynamic motion control, which previously could only be achieved with a servo controller. This opens up new applications for the AC drive and creates additional potential for cost savings.

Scalable, integrated security levels

In addition, scalable, integrated security levels from ‘STO’ to ‘Extended Safety’ with features such as ‘SLS’ to ‘Safety over Ethernet’ provide comprehensive machine protection and ensure constant productivity. “All in all, our customers have the ability to solve decentralized security applications without sensors, quickly and in a space-saving way,” adds Blatter.

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