Lancia Gamma Coupé, classic status close by?

Autovisie is always looking for used cars for the enthusiast, which is why you go through the lists on the sales page This time we found a Lancia Gamma Coupé.

When the sedan version was unveiled, it was a surprise to Lancia that Pininfarina had also developed a coupe variant. Only a little more than 7000 units were built by this sleek design with a high torque boxer engine. The classical world is slowly beginning to discover him.

Test with Lancia Gamma

Autovisie never drove in the Coupé version, but in 1978 the editors managed to get Berline, who is exactly the same under the skin, as a test car. Few test cars have been in demand in the last year as much as the Lancia Gamma, which was introduced at the Geneva show last year. Unfortunately, contrary to our tradition, it took quite a long time before we could get a sample for testing. ”

Lancia Gamma Coupe, apartment
(Image: AutoWorld)

“When you drive the Gamma, you have no reason to complain about the amount of traffic. The car attracts a lot of attention, and that’s understandable: it’s a very elegant look.”

A 2.5-liter four-cylinder

“I really do not know why Lancia decided to put a four-cylinder boxer engine with a displacement of no less than 2,500 cubic centimeters in the Gamma. Not only is 2.5 liters unusually large for a four-cylinder (only Mercedes and Citroen come close), but it is unprecedented to hold so much displacement in a four-cylinder boxer engine. “

Lancia Gamma Coupe, apartment
(Image: AutoWorld)

“And I can be a bean if I understand why Lancia had to do this so much. A six-cylinder in-line or in V-shape, for my part even in boxer configuration, if it were to be unusual at all. , I could have understood. But such huge “pots”: just 625 cm3 per cylinder, you could call it unusual. “

“The only explanation I have heard from an employee at the Lancia factory during the introduction is that with such pistons you get a very smooth engine, in other words that the torque is high and at low revs already at the right level. . However, this is not very noticeable in driving exercises with this Gamma. Not on the roller coaster either. It’s a very reasonably smooth engine, but there’s nothing out of the ordinary about the torque curve. “

Roll dynamometer test Lancia Gamma

“The maximum power that the car wanted to give up on the dynamometer was 77 kW (105 hp) at 5500 crankshaft revolutions per minute. It is certainly not a small matter – the car wants to lighten well. But it is not really unusually smooth: You have to change a lot to keep it going if you want to get along. “

Your garage: Lancia Gamma Berlina (1982) and Fulvia Coupé (1974)

“The acceleration figures are good for a car that ultimately weighs more than 1,300 kilos: from standstill to 80 kilometers per hour in 7.5 seconds, to 100 in 11.3, to 120 in 14.9 and to 140 in 20, 5. Good grades, but not better than those of its price range mates. “

“The top speed is high: 187 kilometers per hour. The counter then points to 200. Consumption is very dependent on speed – more than many other cars. At 100 kilometers per hour, Gamma constantly consumes 1 in 10, but at 140 kilometers per hour it is already at 1 in 6.6, and at increasing speeds, consumption still increases considerably. You can’t really see it in such a slim body. ”

Front wheel drive

“People who have been reading Autovisie for some time know my point of view: Front-wheel drive is beneficial for small cars, because in this way a lot of interior space can be achieved – an advantage that outweighs the disadvantages that are also present. This statement does not hold in large cars and I personally think rear wheel drive is much better in large cars for road grip reasons. Three-quarters of Germany and Italy and all of America and Japan seem to agree. France does not. England only half. I find that with a larger car, the interior space motif is no longer (or needs to be) in force, and that a front-wheel drive is less acceptable than a rear-wheel drive. Which does not change the fact that Lancia shows that you can make a front-wheel drive in such a way that you very little “suffer from it”.

“Lancia Gamma steers comfortably easily, but never gives you the feeling of losing touch with the road. The stability of the car is also positively affected by the power steering. “

Lancia Gamma as an apartment

Autovisie finds a Lancia Gamma Coupé 2500 Injection, with the 2.5-liter four-cylinder. In this case, this is good for 140 hp (manufacturer’s specification).

Lancia Gamma Coupe, apartment
(Image: AutoWorld)

The car was built in 1983 and is therefore not yet an oldtimer. In 39 years, the Italian has driven almost 120,000 kilometers. The seller is asking 12,500 euros for the upcoming classic.

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