Stephan (61) saw his children take a long shower: ‘Now switches off automatically after seven minutes’ | Energy bill

How much money do you spend on energy at home? How are you trying to bring costs down? We ask a Dutchman these questions every week. Today: Stephan Tiessen (61) from Alkmaar.

How do you live?
,, I live in a rented terraced house from 1974 in Alkmaar with my wife and son of 14 years. It is a terraced house with energy label C and with 120 square meters of living space. In 2008, the single-glazed front and rear facades were completely replaced. There are now HR ++ glasses downstairs and upstairs. We immediately noticed this on our gas bill. I have insulated the ceiling myself, with tempex sheets (EPS 50 mm) and plaster, as we have just moved in. We are a mixed family with seven children, so there should be room in the attic for the children to sleep.

Furthermore, the crawl space is not insulated, I would like that. The neighbors have done it and you just feel it. Our floor is cold, you get a warmer feeling there. I have also put radiator foil behind the radiators, and we have just switched to induction cooking. ”

What kind of energy contract do you have?
,, Our 3-year contract with Energiedirect expired last month, we paid 173 euros a month. Now we have a flexible contract and we pay 350 euros a month. It is based on an annual consumption of 1067 cubic meters of gas and 3449 kWh of electricity. We do not change often, but I look at other providers. ”

What are you doing to lower your energy bill?
“I am aware of energy consumption. We have LED lighting everywhere and a smart thermostat that is set for seven days. When it’s cold, we snatch a blanket or put on a sweater, and sometimes with lit candles.

I am now temporarily on sick leave and I have therefore had an electronic shower to stop. It automatically shuts off the hot shower after seven minutes. What happens next? Then you only get cold water! I’ve had the idea for some time, because with young people taking baths for extended periods of time, the gas bill sometimes goes up considerably. The device cost less than a hundred euros and I hear only a few comments on it. Seven minutes can still be done and you get used to it.

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We do not get permission from the housing sector for solar panels, this is unfortunately also the case in our lease. Our roof faces north and south, which is favorable, and with current energy prices it can pay off. I would have liked to have bought them myself, but they would rather (one day) do it myself. We will be connected to the heating network from next year. Then we go off the gas. Here, the whole street is broken up, because then we get the heat from the household waste facility. I just hold my breath what it will cost.

We have a heat pump dryer, but we do not always use it. Now the laundry is hanging outside on the dryer. We always turn on the dishwasher after eleven, at a low price. The washing machine is not, it is in the attic and the neighbors are suffering. Does the low-price rate also apply on weekends? I did not know, that’s a good tip!

Furthermore, I have placed switches almost everywhere between the equipment for snooze power, which I then turn off, such as coffee machine, kettle, computers, TV and receiver and in my son’s bedroom. ”

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