Which Temptation Island USA couples are still together?

Four couples came to the island this season with serious doubts about their relationship. In a special reunion episode of ‘Temptation Island USA’, couples and single men and women meet once again to share their experiences. Are Luke and Iris still engaged, and what about Trace and Lascelles?

“I saw a beautiful adventure in front of me, but it fell apart very quickly”

Ashley and Lascelles

Ashley and Lascelles had been together for seven years before deciding to turn their lives upside down and take the ultimate relationship test. The goal of their participation was to become less dependent on each other, and they took it very literally. Although the couple was ready for the show to start a family together, Lascelles fell in love with the bachelor Trace – with whom he also left the island. Although Ashley decided to leave alone, they were soon reunited after the filming to talk it all through during a conversation that lasted five (!) Hours. “I feared it because I would be hit by my laser,” Lascelles admits. “We each went to the island with a different approach,” his ex adds. “I saw a beautiful adventure in front of me, but it fell apart very quickly. Then I got very angry.”

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Ashley sought solace in Blake’s arms, but despite their attachment to the island was theirs sling no position. When he was home again, he turned out to be more attracted to Madelyn, one of the singles from the mansion. Lascelles, in turn, immediately clicked with Trace, and a stormy relationship ensued. Even though they said ‘I love you’ to each other, talte not quite there anyway. “We realized we didn’t really know each other that well,” Lascelles admits. “We’re just friends now,” Trace adds.

But it was not just the lack of chemistry that proved to be the problem. During the reunion, the single Alexa reveals that Lascelles has been intimate with both her and Meghan. “You both said, ‘I want to kiss you so much’ (…) I had been drinking, and then I said, you know what, fine.” Once a player, always a player …

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Edgar and Gillian

Gillian brought Edgar to temptation to find out if she should be single or not. Edgar, on the other hand, was ready to propose. But things turned out a little differently … After the first campfire, Edgar thought Gillian did not take their relationship seriously because she enjoyed her freedom. Edgar, in turn, decided to take it and eventually left the island with single Marissa. “When I left, I was completely crushed. I was trying to forgive myself,” Edgar says of the moment during the reunion.

“One of the main reasons we came in is that hell broke loose when Edgar was another unfaithful after a year,” Gillian said, crying. “You were my first love and you took it from me after a year. And I’m so angry! I wanted to process it … then I stayed for another two years. We went into therapy, we did everything. And then came you here and it was the drop.You broke me then and you broke me again (…) I was working on Tommy too but I so wanted to believe that my first love would not end like this, I still had hope it would be all right because I loved you dearly. “

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But it not only worked with Gillian, the love is also over with Marissa. “It’s really nice, it’s just a shame it was ready right after the island,” she sobs. “I want to see you again, but that’s not the case before.” According to Edgar, “he can not handle a relationship right now,” he says during the reunion. “I thought I could let go of Gillian, but instinctively I could not”.

Ash and Hania

Hania began Temptation Island with the idea of ​​wanting an open relationship with Ash. Nevertheless, he proposed to her at the end of the program. “That was the hardest ‘no’ I’ve ever had to say,” ASH explains during the reunion. “Not because I wanted to say yes, but because I knew it meant the end of our relationship.” According to Ash, the chances of them ever finding each other again are small because she no longer trusts Hania. Yet he has changed, and we are not just talking about his appearance. “I want to be a resting place in the lives of others,” he says. “If I just keep thinking about myself, or make a situation work to my advantage … it’s not a resting place (…) Also towards myself. My relationship with myself is also toxic. And that affected all the other relationships I had. “

Will it be something between Ash and Taylor? There should be temptation-babe has something to say about it … “He went out of his way to harass me because I felt insecure about someone I went through this process with,” she shares her frustration. It was impossible to meet at all when Ash says Taylor gave her a fake number – something Taylor admits. “We never said we would leave the island as a couple. We had good conversations, a good bond. But not that we were soulmates and wanted to run away together,” he defends himself.

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Luke and Iris

Unlike the above couple, Iris and Luke left the island together and got engaged. But are they still? We can be brief about that: the answer is … yes! “He’s having a great time. I’m surprised, but I love it,” Iris said of her “new” husband. There is no wedding date yet, but the dwarf parrots are thinking of 2024 on Santorini.

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