How the Dom Tower of Lego will really come to everyone after many years of building

‘Lego’s Dom Tower, there should be another set for that’, Joris Daalhuisen thought a few years ago. He emailed a design and a plan to Denmark, where the head office of the well-known Lego group is located. Cat in the box, he thought. But it turned out not to be so easy. How the Lego Dom tower after years of building, designing and coming up with ideas is now becoming accessible to everyone.

It must have been almost three years ago. We have already looked closely at 2022, because this year we celebrate that Utrecht has had city rights for 900 years. Daalhuisen is involved in the city. At the time, he was still on the board of Het Utrechts Archiefs friends, is the owner of the communications agency DDK and is the founder of DUIC. So as the reader may understand, we are not entirely impartial in this story.

He explains: “I wanted to come up with something that would allow us to put Utrecht on the map in a positive way, also outside the city. I also had a son who loves to play with Lego, and as a brand specialist, it’s obviously a dream to bring Utrecht even more international attention; that you can buy Dom Tower anywhere in the world. “


This is how Daalhuisen got the idea to officially make the Cathedral Tower available as a Lego set. There is also a special line, called LEGO Architecture, where such a set would fit perfectly. The Danish Lego has also come up with something for enthusiasts with good ideas: Lego Ideas. People can submit their own design for a new Lego building set there.

“I would like such a set. And if I want it, more people will probably want it too. ” Although Daalhuisen thinks Lego is a beautiful product, he is not himself a builder. “I then started looking for someone who is and got in touch with Jeroen Struijs. He recreates historic buildings throughout the Netherlands, works as a purser on a plane and also works in the Lego store in Gouda. We then made a design with him and built a replica of a Cathedral Tower of 3,000 bricks. The maximum number of blocks allowed for Lego Ideas. We have written an entire story and have been working on it for several months. ”

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The Judgment Tower, whose building instructions are now for sale


Then came the moment when the plan was submitted to Lego, an exciting moment. Daalhuisen: “After one day, we received an e-mail with an immediate rejection. Religious buildings are actually excluded from Lego Ideas. Of course we were very sad about that. ” But for the attentive reader, the Cathedral Tower is of course no longer in use as a church tower.

“We knew that too, but let’s make it clear in Denmark. The judge is operated by Utrecht Marketing. I decided to address them with the question of whether we could ask Mayor Sharon Dijksma to write that the Cathedral Tower is no longer a religious building. Director Cor Jansen from Utrecht Marketing did not dare. ” Daalhuisen called it brand manager from Lego in Denmark but was again rejected. With that, the arrival of the Lego set seemed out.

play today

However, Daalhuisen would not give up. “I could not help it. I heard through someone that there are Lego enthusiasts in Gouda (Playtoday) who are recreating buildings. They also publish construction booklets internally.” Together with Jeroen Struijs, who knows the whole Lego world in the Netherlands inside and out, he started making a construction booklet himself. All associated stones have been selected and are for sale via alternative websites. “There is a lively trade in bricks, so you can also publish such a set yourself. “

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They came up with a design of 300 Lego bricks, with which a Cathedral Tower of 25 centimeters can be built. But what turned out, says Daalhuisen: “The total cost of the set with all the accessories, if we were to use and sell it, would be 60 euros. I thought it was crazy. We want to use the profit from the sale to contribute to the restoration. “If the cost of a set alone is 60 euros, it will be very difficult, because for many people it is a lot of money. I do not see many Utrechters buying such a Lego set for 60 euros.”

construction booklet

The second plan was then shelved again. But the Lego Dom tower was still to be built, Daalhuisen thought. “We have now decided to market the construction booklet separately. For 7.95 people get the booklet with which they can build a Cathedral Tower with their own stones. In addition, they receive a Lego banner with a sticker from Utrecht 900 years which can come back on top of the Dom Tower. “But what if people do not have the stones lying around?” The booklet says exactly what stones are needed, and they can then be purchased separately via the Internet. “So after three years of planning and construction – in those years Lego Dom Towers were built from 20 centimeters to 2.5 meters – everyone will soon be able to have their own Lego Dom Tower. “Finally,” laughs Daalhuisen.

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Jeroen Struijs

Name: Jeroen Struijs
Age: 56

“I was born and raised in Reeuwijk. Because I have two older brothers, I quickly got in touch with their Lego. My brothers mainly taught me to use colors and good construction. In high school, I barely touched Lego, but then I started playing with it again. Today I mainly make ships and buildings. Medieval architecture is my preference because these buildings are often beautifully decorated and also have many irregularities. The cathedral tower, which I have now made for Utrecht 900 years, is of course a national icon. But I also made the town halls of Gouda, Veere and Middelburg for example. As for ships, I have built the Titanic, Rotterdam, Nieuw Amsterdam and Queen Mary I, among others. I recently started the YouTube channel BrickLunatic, on which Timeshiftvideos of various buildings, including the construction of the Dom Tower. I have been working in the Lego store PlayToday in Gouda for a year now. I became active in Utrecht through DDK. It is an honor for me to be able to contribute to the festivities in Utrecht 900 Years. ”

The building booklet for the Cathedral Tower from Lego is here for sale.

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