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Multi-purpose gaming headset

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It’s definitely a trend in the gaming world: headsets that are multi-usable. Razer’s new headset, the Barracuda Pro, also focuses on this kind of flexibility. Due in part to a surprisingly sober, black design for the Razer, this headset should be perfectly suited for both gaming and everyday use on the road.




RGB functions

battery life

€ 249.99

2.4Ghz wireless and Bluetooth

Any platform, app Android and iOS


Battery life: 40 hours without noise reduction and game mode turned on

In addition to the sober design, the Barracuda Pro also has active noise reduction, Bluetooth and can be connected wirelessly to all consoles and desktops via the 2.4Ghz wireless dongle. With this, Razer seems to compete with, for example, SteelSeries Pro Nova Wireless and Epos H3 Hybrid.

In terms of build quality, this Barracuda Pro can easily compete with the above mentioned headsets. The design is as mentioned black and sober, but no less stylish for it. There are still Razer logos on the ear cups, but in the case of this model, they do not glow in different colors.

The headset comes in a sturdy carrying case and is made exclusively of hard plastic. The ear cups have a nice, sharp round shape that looks quite smart. The headband is also made of hard plastic, but reinforced with metal inside. There are also many hinge points: The ear cups can rotate and tilt 90 degrees so that they fit perfectly on your head and you can also easily hang the headset around your neck.

Both the headband pillow and the ear cushions are lined with an incredibly soft memory foam, which is covered with a very unique synthetic fabric. A kind of artificial leather, but with a feeling of wear that is a little more reminiscent of fabric. It is very soft and, despite the synthetic element, comfortable for a long time without extreme heat build-up. In addition, the coating provides a good seal from external noise – a nice side effect to the noise reduction, but more on that later.

Let’s first take a look at the buttons on the outside of the ear cups. Despite the amount of options that Barracuda Pro offers, there are few. There are volume wheels, on / off button and microphone mute button on the left shell, while on the right shell you will only find a button for noise reduction. It is therefore not entirely surprising that you activate other functions with different button combinations.

If you are connected via the dongle and bluetooth, you can, for example, take phone calls or press them while playing with the on / off button. If you are listening to music via Bluetooth, you can use the same button to pause music or change song. These are not Mortal Kombat-like button combinations, but it does take a while to master them. After a few days, though, it feels natural. It helps that the different buttons all have different size and texture.

Barracuda Pro can also be used in combination with the Razer Audio App. You can install that app on iOS or Android devices, and with it you get access to an equalizer, ten different noise reduction levels, a do-no-disturb mode that prevents you from being called up while playing, and noise reduction for the microphones.

So a lot is happening in the app, but it does not feel overwhelming. While you may be less likely to reach for the various noise reduction levels – a little more or less noise reduction is actually rarely necessary – the app still feels like an addition of very handy features. In addition to the various noise reduction levels, the noise reduction button on the headset itself also offers an Ambient mode, which lets the sound be heard around the user.

The trend of using your gaming headset on the go provides ingenious solutions in the field of microphones. With the new SteelSeries headset, the microphone can disappear completely in the earcup for the first time, while the Epos Hybrid H3 has a detachable headset whose connection to the headset can be covered with a matte black plate after disconnection. The barracuda goes a step further: there are two microphones built into the ear cups on the headset. You can not see these microphones at all and that makes the use on the road really easy. They also sound really good – a nice solution from Razer.

There is another feature hidden under the noise reduction button: Gaming Mode. This mode ensures that you can lower the latency of the bluetooth connection via the Razer app in a small radius around the headset. This of course costs a little more battery power and is therefore not activated by default. In practice, this seems to work very well and offers a good solution for phone players. The fact that battery life drops slightly with this mode on is not a big issue: If you are careful about turning on the noise reduction, the Barracuda Pro will last about 35 to 40 hours on a full charge.


So the functionality, build quality and user experience are fine, but how does the Barracuda Pro sound? Fortunately, not wrong! What is immediately noticeable when listening to music is the wide stereo image. The headset sounds great and creates an impressive sound field. You can really immerse yourself in the sound world of a song and let yourself be carried away by the different elements.

The headset does particularly well with alternative pop and rock music. There is quite a bit of punch and an astonishing amount of definition at mid-height, without the headset ever sounding shrill. When listening to electronic music, it is noteworthy that the bass is turned on quite firmly. While never really overwhelming, it can add a bit of sound pressure to some songs, which can tire you out faster than you want.

Barracuda Pro excels primarily in creating a wide, deep world of sound. So much immersion. This makes the headset very suitable for open world gaming. The good location helps to bring the world to life and the sound balance also puts a lot of focus on ambient noise. However, the headset also handles shooting games without any problems. Chaotic and spectacular situations are convincingly portrayed. Nevertheless, it sometimes lacks a little bit of haste; real speed of sound remains here and there. While this is not a problem for the average gamer, the (semi) professional gamer may not be entirely happy with this.


The Razer Barracuda Pro is exactly what it wants to be: a multi-purpose gaming headset that you can use on the go with no hassle. The design is nice, sleek and robust, and both the 2.4Ghz Wireless and bluetooth connection are excellent. In addition, this headset is really fully equipped: from noise reduction and built-in microphones to the included app and switching mode with low latency for mobile gamers. All comprehensive functionality is mainly aimed at the user who wants to take the headset on the go. This is therefore an excellent headset for the casual gamer looking for a total solution. Hardcore players with a (semi) professional approach may be less helped by Barracuda Pro.

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