# 254 ‘The dance with this girl looks a little too intense’

Maud is at the beginning of a ‘new’ life. She has said ‘yes’ to a house in Amstelveen Noord, where she can live alone, and she will probably get a permanent job at the editorial office where she works. It should be celebrated at a festival! Only when she walks around does she meet someone she never expected there …

Do you know? I was expecting to meet a lot of people here, Jelle, Levi, even Cherry, but I was not expecting to meet Patricia, my dad’s girlfriend! “What are you doing here?!” I shout in surprise.

“I’m here with two friends,” Patricia replies enthusiastically with a smile from ear to ear. “We used to go to Roxy, we love to dance and house. Did not you know? I really like this music! Nice up-tempo! ” Patricia keeps wandering and I get the strong suspicion that I’m not the only one who has a bit of ecstasy. “Is Dad here too?” I ask hesitantly, interrupting her story of parties from the past.

“No, he’s home. I say hello. But I really need to pee. May I still see you? Nice!” she says as she limps into the toilet. I’m a little crazy about it. Suddenly I get a bad feeling. I talk too little with my father and I have the thought that their relationship is not going so well anyway. going back to my friends, I send my little brother a voice memo to tell the story of Patricia.

When I’m back in our group, I see Gio dancing with a girl I’ve never seen before. One of the things I love about Gio is that he is super social and talks to everyone, but this dance seems a little too intense. Bee Temptation Island would the tablet go off! “Hey darling!” I say, placing a hand on Gio’s shoulder, almost nonchalantly. He immediately introduces me to the girl named Stacey. She turns out to be a former colleague of Gio. Her friends have already gone home, but Gio had written to her to come by. I know I do not have to worry about this, but I do. It’s a little weird that they’re standing there dancing together out of nowhere.

When I go out and drink with Rochella, I quickly tell my story. “It’s crazy. I’ve never heard of that Stacey, and all of a sudden they’ve dancing passionately while I’m in the bathroom!” Rochella says there is nothing wrong. Apparently, Gio started talking about me right away when he saw Stacey. “Maud, you do not have to worry so much, he is here with you, right ?! He is wildly in love with you, I can even see that!” Rochella corrects me.According to my best friend, I’ve been too stressed lately, and maybe I should go on vacation again.

My last vacation was with Tommy in Dubai and it was anything but a success. As I walk back to our group of friends with two gin tonics and two beers in my hands, I hear one of my favorite songs at festivals rumble through the speakers. I’m going straight up to Gio. As I kiss his neck, I simply ask him, “Shall we go on vacation together? I think we should go on holiday together! It seems really nice to me. ”

Gio laughs, but then a hard look follows. “Shouldn’t we slow down a bit, Maud ?!” he answers. I look a little surprised, but before I can answer he continues: “We’ll talk about it tomorrow, honey. I really want to go on holiday with you. But now I want to dance! ” He grabs my hips and makes crazy movements. All night long we dance with my best friends in tow. I probably said many more strange lyrics, but I remember them (thankfully) not so well. I had fun!

The next morning I wake up with a throbbing headache at Gio’s. I’m super crushed and feel my head hammering, as if the hammering techno is still being played, but between my ears. Of course, I drank way too little water. My stomach rumbles. I can hear Gio busy in the kitchen, and not much later he walks into the bedroom with two bowls of granola and lots of fruit. “Surprise!” he shouts. I shoot up and stammer a thank you. “You are always so sweet with your breakfasts!” I smile and take a hungry bite.

“No, I do not mean that at all!” Gio answers. I look at him in surprise. “I have booked a holiday for us together! We’re leaving in two weeks. 10 days, all inclusive to Bulgaria! ”

My mouth opens in surprise. Is Gio really serious? Without consultation he has booked a holiday and then also to Bulgaria or everywhere ?! While I really enjoy choosing holidays myself …

Maud (23) likes to party and travel. She recently started working as an editor for a magazine. Her relationship with boyfriend Tommy is over and she has a new boyfriend: Gio. Maud is looking for a new home in Amsterdam, but now seems to have found a home in Amstelveen. Every week you read her fairy tales in a new one episode from Maud’s Night Book.

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# 254 ‘The dance with this girl looks a little too intense’

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