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STELLENDAM – Karin van Toor (53) has taken an important step with her practice Musica EduArta and her related practice Sense for Learning. Where so far she has helped many children who need appropriate guidance from the internship in her own home in Stellendam, Karin now has a nice and larger internship room at Nijverheidsweg 21 in Stellendam. On Saturday afternoon, May 28, she officially opened the doors here. Read more >>

Karin van Toor has been known as an inspired piano teacher at Goeree-Overflakkee for more than 25 years. But she is more than a professional piano teacher. From her practice Musica EduArta, she fills a rather unique role in the field of education by successfully combining music education with coaching and guidance of gifted children. She had discovered that learning to make music really worked for them, and she decided to specialize in giftedness by studying at the Radboud Center for Social Sciences in Nijmegen. Subsequently, she became fascinated by learning to learn, by study skills and learning and memory techniques. And to also specialize in this, she followed a course at Studielift. This led to the start of another practice in April: Sense for Learning. From here, she guides and coaches both gifted and non-gifted children who need appropriate support in the areas of underachievement, fear of failure, and learning how to actually learn.

Very intelligent

“Children who are (presumably) gifted,” says Karin, “can often be passive, lethargic, and unmotivated or underachievers. Or just be aggressive and cross and full of frustration. And has very different interests than school. If these children get a specialist approach and guidance because they really need it, you see surprisingly beautiful things happen, they become enthusiastic and motivated again. I work with this in my practice Musica EduArta, through freedom and openness, no school rules or activities, but by working from passivity to activity and creativity. But then it often turns out that they have no idea how to actually learn. The learning and memory strategies are lacking because they have always been a bit assertive. They can then go to my practice Sense for Learning, where I also guide adults and non-gifted people. ”

Unique method

Karin developed the unique MUSIC method to get the most out of the abilities of talented individuals. This stands for Development of Mindset, Challenge, Strategy, Implementation and Communication. “This method can be used a lot, both in school, during study and for personal development,” explains Karin. “It gives gifted individuals, as well as their parents, a good overview of themselves and their growth and development opportunities. It gives clarity in how they can achieve their goals, it teaches them to learn, it gives insight and motivation to really act and find renewed energy to keep growing! And, of course, it requires adaptation for each student in particular. “

Although the warm surroundings of Karin’s home are a nice place for children to their coaching, it was not always convenient. Therefore, Karin started looking for a rehearsal space outside the home. It became an office space in the industrial building Nijverheidsweg 21. Although it is no longer at home, the table and chairs, which were also used in the home situation, can be found in the new location. “It gives a familiar image and also retains the domestic character here.”

Center for the Gifted

Karin is especially happy with her new rehearsal space. “It can be the first step towards a new center in the region for gifted children, where the door is wide open for them and their parents, where not only discussions are held, but also workshops and courses can be held. Yes, I also explicitly mention the children’s parents or guardians, because they are the ones who guide the children in their daily lives. That is why it is important that they are also involved in the coaching of the children. ”

Safe environment

“But the most important thing about the new practice room is,” Karin explains, “that the children can be offered a safe, inviting environment where they can be themselves, not have to adapt, but discover what makes them excited. An environment where they are seen, where there is understanding and where opportunities are thought of. Based on their own interests, we then get started, either one-on-one or in an extra class plus class, and then you see the kids change! It is truly amazing to experience this and to be able to contribute to this!

More information

For more information, see: musicaeduarta.nl and senseforlearning.nl.


Karin van Toor opened her new training room by hitting a confetti cannon.

Text and photo: Villerius Text Production & Photography

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