Meru Valley Golf Resort near Ipoh: a beautiful golf course and highly recommended: at

Playing golf in Malaysia, is it already on your bucket list?

If not, it really is not a bad idea to put it up there! Malaysia is one of the most stable and developed countries in Southeast Asia. The capital Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s financial, economic and cultural center. Malaysia’s nature with a huge variety of flora and fauna is indescribable and the amazing thing is that you see this reflected in the beautiful golf courses that the country has. Whether you are traveling to Kuala Lumpur or to the major holiday destination Penang, Meru Valley Golf Resort is located near the city of Ipoh approximately in the middle and can be reached within 2 hours. Such a drive is worth it in itself because of the beautiful nature next to the highway, a highway that, incidentally, characterizes Malaysia’s status as a developed country.
And the same is certainly true of the 5-star Meru Valley Golf Resort. The three loops at this golf resort are Valley, Waterfall and River, designed by Mohamed Kamel Yassin.
What we hardly have in the Netherlands are the height differences that can make golf exciting and challenging. Meru Valley Resort is located in a valley where the height differences are clear. But add to that the sounds you hear from the colorful birds, the jungle sounds or even monkeys you can see and hear. We can therefore talk about a very beautiful Golf Resort.

You need to get to know each new golf course if you want to have even more fun, self-confidence and probably a better result finish the 18 holes. The 5-star Meru Valley Golf Resort is therefore the ideal place where you can easily play the course 2 or 3 times within a few days by renting a villa or apartment. The other facilities such as driving range, restaurant, swimming pool, training greens, chipping greens, changing rooms, etc. are of course in line with the offered quality, which only belongs to a 5 star predicate.

Of course, the average Dutchman also looks at the prices. Take the complete experience off beautiful Malaysia, consider the 5 stars, an amazingly beautiful and challenging course and came to the conclusion that it should cost something. But on the other hand, the prices are quite acceptable and there are even promotions. You can check all this at
Everything is right. The front desk is extremely friendly. When you come for the first time, everything is patiently explained. All questions are answered nicely in English. When you rent a set you even get the choice of which set you would like to play with, an almost new Titleist golf set (putter iron 5 to 9, 3 wedges, rescue, wood 3 and driver) is also possible. Marshals help you to the first tee and from the 9th hole to the 10th hole. There is an associated buggy path throughout the course, so the route to the next hole can be chosen effortlessly. The course itself is seriously fantastic. Beautiful views, height differences, great variety in the holes and very well maintained. The scorecard and punch boards provide all the information needed to make the right strategic choice at the tee. The holes are not too long, but certainly not an easy task. Fortunately, clear obstacle and distance markings are indicative. The tee boxes are well maintained and so are the fairways. It is a really good and professionally maintained golf course. Greens are Bermuda grass, they are just fair and really fast, minimum stimp 10 but probably even faster. Putting is very difficult for us Dutch given the speed and reading of the waves, a three putt will probably be no exception.
One of the signature holes is the 8th hole in the River loop. A par 3 (backtee 150 yards) plays from a high tee, with a narrow passage between the trees over water to a strongly undulating green. The prospect of playing this hole can be joking. Of course, a relaxed and familiar swing with the right club is the answer. But go for it, the dangers are everywhere. If you do a few, remind your flight mates a few times when enjoying a beer or something else on the patio overlooking the runway after playing. The confirmation of ‘well done’ is well deserved!

It is recommended to plan start times in the morning or in the afternoon, between 12:00 and 17:00 it is very hot in Malaysia with temperatures often above 30 Celsius.

Are you going on a golf trip in Malaysia or have you become enthusiastic and decide to make one, then it is clear to me that you need to have Meru Valley Golf Resort in your program!


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