Take a look inside at Femke in Stadshagen in Zwolle: ‘The blue kitchen is quite daring’

Femke Dijkhuis (38) lives with her boyfriend and two children in Zwolle right next to the shopping center Stadshagen. Femke made it a sport to combine old with new. Vintage finds and used furniture boast in every corner of the modern, relatively new home. “The blue kitchen is an eye-catcher.”

The house on Veldbeemdgras is located in one of the older districts in Stadshagen. It was built about 23 years ago. When you enter the house, you are immediately welcomed by Femke’s colorful studio. There are colorful flowers, cozy tableware and unique ornaments everywhere. “The house has four floors, I work downstairs and we live upstairs,” says Femke.

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Renovation for three months

When Femke and her boyfriend bought the house in May 2020, the renovation could begin. “It did not fall in our taste at all. For example, the kitchen was way too low. The hood was at eye level with my friend, “laughs Femke. The four floors of the house were completely renovated in three months. “It’s not normal what they did back then. From electricity to steel sliding doors and wallpaper to cast flooring. I came up with the design myself, but a contractor was in charge of the renovation.”

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blue kitchen

Especially the kitchen is one eye-catcher be. The matte fronts in a fresh, blue color catch the eye. “I knew right away that I wanted the kitchen to be the same color as the wall. Quite daring, but it gives a lot of ambiance. And blue is my favorite color. It radiates calm. ”

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Wallpaper lampshades

Femke combines the color blue with golden accents. The kitchen has a brass fixture and the living room has a special golden wallpaper. “It has a crocodile print and is made of velvet. Nice and soft! “

Femke liked the wallpaper so much that she got a specialist to make lampshades with the leftovers. “The end result is now in the bedroom at our bedside tables.”

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The art of vintage shopping

Femke is a queen of vintage shopping. Every other week, she scans thrift stores and boutiques. She holds workshops in her studio and she sells the most beautiful vintage pearls on her Instagram. Her secret? “You have to run into it. If you’ve found something, do not hesitate. If I come across something and I do not have room for it yet, I will still buy it. Later I will see where I have put that.”

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The painting in the living room is an example of such a find. “I discovered it in the cycle. Some people think it’s ugly and kitschy, but I fell in love right away. The same goes for the colorful folding screen in the nursery.”

West Germany vase set

A Hollywood Regency hanging lamp over the dining table, West German vases, table protectors, candlesticks: you can see unique objects everywhere in Femke’s house. She does not have to think long and hard about which find Femke is most proud of. “The vase sat on the dining table. The pattern is so beautiful and cool. ”

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But not everything is vintage. Femke combines old with new. “The black steel sliding doors are very modern. And some furniture I bought new. The bench with floral print comes from Karwei.

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Still grabbing the ceiling

For now, Femke and her family are not moving. “It’s a lovely place and Zwolle is a great city. In a little while we will have to grab the ceiling and maybe I will give the white wall in the living room a different color. That’s how we keep busy. ”

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