Emotional statement children Peter R. de Vries: “Unsurpassed lack of respect for life”

Royce de Vries and Kelly de Vries, son and daughter of Peter R. de Vries, read a victim statement during the murder trial. “Delano, I’m looking at you like you would not look at my father when you shot him from behind,” Kelly said to one of the suspects.

Royce de Vries said he initially wanted to target the two suspects, but after reading the chat messages, he changed his mind that it would be “completely meaningless”. “Because they are not susceptible to remorse or our grief, but that I then turn to suspects who have an unsurpassed disrespect for life and no respect at all for my words.”

“A father who was out training with me extra last Sunday so I could become a football player in Ajax”

royce de vries, son peter r de vries

So he went to court to tell about his father’s unknown side. He told that every Saturday De Vries went hand in hand to football with him and always played football with him after dinner. “A father who wanted to train even more with me on Sunday so I could become a footballer in Ajax. And who kept it, even when that dream was very far out of sight. Because there is simply nothing more beautiful for a father and son then kicks a ball together. “

He said his father had written a suicide note to Royce and Kelly’s mother in case anything happened. “We do not want to share with the general public what exactly is in that letter. But I can assure you that it is a letter that we reread and appreciate. And that it is in fact proof that what is written word is more valuable than the written word. spoken word .. “

“This unconditional love for him we will always carry with us”


He wanted to point out one thing from the letter. “And it is that my father wrote that he loved us unconditionally. And that is something we have always felt and known. What my father has always shown in everything. Our unconditional love for him, we will always remember to carry us. We love him forever. “

Kelly de Vries approached the two suspects. “Delano, I look at you like you would not look at my father when you shot him from behind. Kamil, I call you by your name, instead of the horrible words you called my father in your text messages. Because even though I hate you the most, you have done the most horrible thing, but I can make myself treat you humanely. Why? Because that’s how I was raised. “

“For what? Because you disagreed with him? Because someone offered you money?”

Kelly de vries, daughter Peter R de vries

“You took the life of one of my parents,” she told the two. “My dear father, my comrade, confidant and caring grandfather to my child. And for what? Because you did not agree with him? Because someone offered you money? I can tell you today what it has done to me, but it make no sense. If you can do what you have done, then my feelings do not matter. “

She pointed out that a murder costs several lives, as Peter R. de Vries once wrote in a book. “Our lives. His family. Boyfriend. His friends. Colleagues. Who must miss him forever. The relatives of many child murders and disappearances. Who can no longer hold on to hope thanks to his perseverance. The Dutchman. Who has a nuanced and thoughtful opinion must be missed. “

“Your children must fight for the rest of their lives to escape your actions”


She then mentioned the consequences for the environment of the two suspects. “In addition, it also costs the lives of your loved ones. Your parents, your partners and your children. Your son Delano. And your children Kamil. Children who have to grow up without a father. Who will be confronted with what you have done. And the rest of their lives to be redeemed from your deeds. You have that also on your conscience. “

“Peter Rudolf de Vries, will forever go down in the history books,” she concluded. “Like you. But about my father they will write that he was a hero.”

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