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Oh, where to start? At the beginning of this week we had agreed here at home not to discuss the hassle in Rooie Dorp this week … We did not succeed! There really happens too much that I do not even know where to start. I’m lost for a while, too much is happening.

But I think anyone trying to get from A to B here is doomed. On the weekends, for example, we get drunk in the garden because they can not find the gate, and I feel for myself that I also regularly cycle down the wrong street and then hit a fence again. In any case, the arsonist did not get lost, because unfortunately he found the Red Village again this week.

Unfortunately, I read AGAIN on Alphens.nl that Woonforte still assumes it’s the young people.

“According to Woonforte, it is young people who commit arson and destruction. The housing association calls this behavior ‘unacceptable’. “They affect the joy of life of the local residents. They no longer feel safe because of them. And the young people also endanger spectators and local residents. ”

In my opinion, a person is not guilty until he is found guilty, and in this case we are dealing with a much bigger problem than just a joke. This should be thoroughly investigated before accusations are made.


Well, I’m deviating. Lost! Since this week, signs have been put up to create more clarity. I think there is still some confusion because I see a lot of trucks driving into a street and then turning again. Turning a truck here is truly an art in itself and it brings me straight to the topic I wanted to talk about. The children have also gone astray and the safety of the children is already gone!

Because the fences in Rooie Dorp are located in such a way that the original entrance to the Kindervreugd playground cannot be used, the entrance has been moved to Karel Doormanstraat. Getting there as a child is truly a dangerous mission. Why? So the new entrance is in Karel Doormanstraat, and it is also an entrance / exit is for work traffic!

A number of points why it is not safe for children to get to the ‘new’ temporary entrance. Remember these points that Karel Doormanstraat is used by BYGGETRAFIK!

  • The hedge is so wide that it is very difficult to keep walking on the sidewalk;
  • If the children walk on the other side of Karel Doormanstraat and then want to cross, there is NO safe passage for the children. Cars are parked on both sides so there is insufficient visibility for children to cross safely;
  • The sidewalk on the side of the playground is interrupted by one of the fences on the ERA Contour construction site. See photo below. You want to come and jump here as a kid and then … jump out on the street, around the fence back and forth, right? But had I not taught my children to stay on the curb? Mom, how do I move on now?

The text continues below the image

No HEG but HEK

And then over the hedge that is too wide so that no normal person can walk on the sidewalk. I hear you think, because a Rooie Dorper is also a critical resident of Alphen, ‘so should the playground ensure that the HEG is pruned?’ Yes, you have a point there. I have only heard from a reliable source that the playground has for some time worked with the municipality to get a FENCE there instead of a FENCE.

And there was a very safe entrance on Hugo de Groot street before ERA Contour erected the construction fence. Who should mow the hedge? The handful of volunteers? Or can the municipality and ERA Contour also lend a hand? Or just keep their promises? It seems to me that the municipality and ERA Contour also benefit greatly from the children’s safety …

I dare not think about what will happen if more construction traffic starts running through the neighborhood here. Hopefully this blog will open your eyes and I would like to introduce the municipality and ERA: take a walk through the neighborhood.

Dear people from Alphen, do you want to know what else happened last week? Maybe I’ll think about it next week. I thought the safety of the children was so important this time that I had to let go of the other things.

Greet a resident of the Red Village

PS I hope the postman has found my house in the meantime …

* The name of the resident who wrote this blog is known to the editorial staff, but this resident does not want to be named by name for privacy reasons.

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