New rules for swimming pools threaten swimming schools and swimming lessons

New rules for swimming pools when it comes to swimming lessons are being met with panic. A new VVD initiative law to draw up further rules for swimming lessons in the Netherlands threatens the survival of 600 commercial swimming schools. Find the swimming schools yourself. In addition, it is feared that the necessary swimming lessons for 100,000 children.

The Dutch Foundation for Water and Swimming Safety (NSWZ) warns that hundreds of swimming schools will end up in bad weather. According to the new bill from VVD MP Rudmer Heerema, who according to the foundation can count on support from Minister Conny Helder for long-term care and SP, swimming pools must meet minimum goals. There must also be one nationally recognized swimming diploma. This would mean that many commercial swimming schools could no longer use their own pool. They have to miss out on the revenue from the sale of their own swimming diplomas.

Opposition to new law on swimming pools

NSWZ opposes the proposed sports law to maintain a broad form of swimming instruction in the future. “There is a great deal of fear that the introduction of this law will remove market forces from the swimming industry. This is not only illegal, but also means a setback of about forty years for the swimming industry, swimming quality and swimming safety “, says NSWZ President Shiva de Winter. “This means that not only ordinary children without swimming lessons end up on the streets, but also children who need extra attention. This target group can only go to swimming schools. ”

The Minister has called on all parties in the industry to come and discuss the new law in Amersfoort tomorrow. NSWZ has now hired lawyer Bart Maes. He will be present at the hearing on behalf of NSWZ together with President De Winter to explain “the catastrophic consequences of the plan”. “All children have the right to appropriate swimming lessons. “There is a great need for both the public and the commercial swimming industry partners to work together on what should really have priority: Swimming safety for all,” says De Winter. His organization is also sounding the alarm on Facebook.

The swimming industry is a free market. As a result, in addition to supported parties affiliated with the National Swimming Safety Council, there are several commercial market partners. These parties, including NSWZ, ENVOZ, ZON, Dutch LifeGuard and EasySwim, account for a third of the industry.

Do not swim in the usual bath

The commercial swimming schools and swimming pools follow the certification of their own diploma provider. The teaching system is composed based on your own diploma requirements. Children are trained for the swimming diploma by these swimming instruction providers in a different way than the usual way. “But not worse,” the schools say. This is followed by an examination in your own swimming pool or in a rented swimming pool at sports facilities, hotels or care centers. The National Swimming Safety Council is the only one that sets requirements for the minimum size of the pool. If this becomes a national standard, as the NRZ claims, hundreds of swimming schools will run into problems, both financially and in terms of capacity. They can no longer swim in their usual pool while there is no capacity elsewhere. “In this way, all competition from NRZ will disappear in one fell swoop. Practically finally putting its competitor in a good position in this way,” says De Winter.

According to NSWZ, the creation of one type of swim diploma is also a Damocles sword hanging over the industry. De Winter: “It is the same as if all forms of primary school education have been dulled into one type of education. This is catastrophic for the future of swimming lessons. Swimming schools are disappearing, waiting lists are getting longer and fewer children are getting their swimming exams. In any case, swimming safety will come under even more pressure. We can and will not let this happen. “

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New rules for swimming pools threaten swimming schools and swimming lessons for 100,000 children

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