Nutanix is ​​investing heavily in channel partners

Nutanix is ​​still the market leader in the implementation of HCI, Hyper Converged Infrastructure. As the inventor of this technology, it has helped many companies make IT more verifiable. Customers are very satisfied, as evidenced by an NPS of +90. Time for an update, especially now that there is a lot of attention on the role of channel partners.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) was a game changer that made Nutanix great. Hyperconverged infrastructure is a software-defined, unified system that combines all the elements of a traditional data center: storage, data processing, networking and administration. This flexible scalable infrastructure allows companies to streamline their own data center and also bring it to partners via the hybrid cloud. There are now several providers of HCI solutions, nevertheless Nutanix manages to consolidate its leading role.

As a DutchIT channel, we had the opportunity to catch up with a fascinating conversation with Christian Alvarez, worldwide channel sales manager for Nutanix and Sven Schoenaerts, director of channel OEM and alliances Nutanix North East Europe. They gave their vision of the near future for Nutanix and the role of the channel partners in this whole.

Customers appreciate us

Christian: “Nutanix is ​​proud of the business results. In these turbulent times, when more and more companies are recognizing the benefits of HCI, we continue to play an important role with an NPS of +90, which has been continued for several years. This high score is not only Nutanix’s success, it is the result of the close collaboration between Nutanix and its highly valued partners. Our OEM partners, including established names like HPE and Lenovo, also contribute to the success. The Nutanix software runs perfectly on the hardware of these partners. Readhat and Citrix are now partners that seamlessly integrate into the Nutanix family. As a result, the ecosystem is becoming increasingly extensive.

Fully committed to partners

Christian Alvarez: “For Nutanix, partners are crucial to success. They bring our products to the end user and it should be appreciated. The market for this product is large and the opportunities to serve multiple domains are growing. We at Nutanix believe that together with the right partners we can reach the market optimally. In particular, the modernization of the use of the (hybrid) cloud is an important spearhead. Nutanix has implemented this well and with the help of the right partners we can differentiate ourselves. There is fierce competition, but Nutanix can make a difference with its partners. ”

Improvements are needed

Changing market conditions sometimes require new insights. Therefore, the two-year-old partner program Elevate has also been investigated. Christian: “The current partner program rewards the partner for acquiring new customers. We must now also create a focus on deepening the relationship with the customer. Incentives have been developed to encourage partners to implement new services with their customers. Simplicity, predictability and ease of use are the core values ​​of the services, which the partner can immediately translate into successful solutions for its customers. We need such a strategy to continue to grow, and our partners can play a key role in this. Ultimately, it also increases the profitability of our relationship. “

New models

The way IT is consumed is also changing. While it used to be primarily CAPEX investments in hardware, everything with the new strategies is more OPEX-based and subscriptions are the focal point. Subscriptions provide a predictable source of revenue over the entire term. Nutanix and its partners can benefit from this together. This is recognized in the affiliate program. Sven: “Incentives for our partners are crucial. Together with the partner, we enter into a relationship with the customers and both reap the benefits. That’s the core of the new wind: not only the reward of gaining new customers, but also part of the success through the constant revenue streams. “

Renewing subscriptions on time is a task in which partners play a major role. They monitor these processes and try to expand the solid base further. “Christian:” In principle, the relationship with the customer always runs through the partners. They manage that relationship. This does not change the fact that support questions often land directly with Nutanix employees. And seamless collaboration between Nutanix and the partner.Nutanix recently received a huge honor by achieving Champion status in Canalys Channel Leadership Matrix 2021 for EMEA, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.These results are based on analyzes from Canalys’ experts who specialize in advising about key trends in the IT channel. ” 800 respondents participated in the Canalys survey, which is therefore a representative survey and evidence that Nutanix, which claims that their partners are the most important customers, is being heard.

This makes the innovation lines clear. Now it is primarily a setback on the first transactions. But the partner makes big investments to pick up that customer, and that means the return will grow in the long run. The new idea takes this into account. The future therefore has a divided approach, where the partner’s return is achieved over the life of the relationship. It is a trend that confirms the changes in the IT world. Short impulsive actions turn into lifelong relationships with monthly subscriptions that guarantee a constant source of income.

Benelux shows the way

Sven: “The Benelux market is a leading market. The latest trends are rapidly gaining ground here. Therefore, the partners get more autonomy in working with customers. Because Benelux is at the forefront of implementing the latest innovations, our partners can ensure their success by listening carefully to the customer and proposing the right services. Nutanix therefore continues to invest massively in innovations that will ultimately make customers more successful. ”

By: Hans Steeman

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