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Eitens Transport and ING are tapping new sub-sponsors on our flagship

The board of FC Rijnvogels is proud to announce that the technical design and drawing agency AVD, Marco Eitens Transport and ING-banken will be the new main and sub-sponsors of our flagship among women from next season. FC Rijnvogel’s ambition is structurally to occupy a position at the top of women’s football in the long term. One can therefore guess that one is very happy with the long-term commitments given last weekend with all parties matching the plans for the coming years.

Thanks to WimperXL!
When a new main sponsor presents itself, it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to WimperXL. Over the last four seasons we have had a lot of fun with each other, shared joys and sorrows, and the bond between the team and owner Corina Muller has become very close. It is therefore a farewell with a smile and a tear. It’s hard to put into words how much Corina has meant to the first team. All praiseworthy expressions are in order. As a thank you for all the beautiful years, happy moments and wonderful memories, the WimperXL logo remains visible on the first team’s competition pants. For the team and WimperXL are forever connected to each other and it should remain so for a long time to come.

Take a quick look at: www.wimperxl.nl

Main sponsor | Technical design & drawing agency AVD
Technical consulting, design and calculation agency AVD is a practically technically independent agency (which does more than just installation technology). The builders come with questions from (complex) residential and commercial construction, but also from industry. AVD does not design an installation, but a comfortable, energy-efficient indoor climate. Technical consultancy, design and calculation agency AVD is a company specializing in calculation, design and planning of mechanical installations in the broadest sense of the word with almost 30 years of experience. The company can meet the needs and save any company in mechanical engineering calculations a lot of time. The driving force behind this is Arie van Duijvenbode, who has worked in the installation industry since 1986 and is a well-known face within FC Rijnvogels. The board of FC Rijnvogels is very proud that it has succeeded in tying a real club man as the main sponsor of the women’s department.

Take a quick look at: www.techniekadviesbureau-avd.nl

Sub-sponsor | Marco Eitens Transport
Marco Eitens Transport specializes in distribution transport, refrigeration and fresh transport as well as transport of air freight. The company has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. De Kooltuin and FC Rijnvogels have won a place in Marco’s heart at at least the same record pace, and he also has a warm heart for women’s football. Since 2018, he has been a proud sponsor of the winter jackets with his logo on the back. These are worn with pride. Over the past six months, Marco Eitens Transport has also graced the back of the Woman 1 home kits. A good marriage must remain intact, so Marco Eitens Transport will continue to be a sub-sponsor of the women’s department in the coming years.

Take a quick look at Marco Eitens Transport

Sub-sponsor | ING bank
The collaboration between FC Rijnvogels has not been talked about in one hand for years. In October 2020, the sponsorship contract with the club was also extended by three years. It is therefore fitting that trust has now also been expressed in the organization around women’s football. ING Bank rightly bears the title “main sponsor of amateur football”. Last season, the bank extended its sponsorship contracts with more than 500 amateur associations despite the difficult times due to the pandemic. ING believes that it is important to contribute to the growth and development of amateur football. They are the basis of Dutch football and there is still a lot to be gained in women’s football. FC Rijnvogels wants to take the lead in this, and it does. There is no better match, so ING Bank will be on the bottom of the Rijnvogels jersey next season.

Take a quick look at www.ing.nl

We thank the companies for their trust in women’s football at FC Rijnvogels. Our flagship finished in fourth place in the top class this season and we are very proud of that. Number 4 in the Netherlands wants to stabilize and expand this success, because here the club is far from reaching its ceiling.

Board of Directors FC Rijnvogels


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