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By 2021, blackjack on a mobile phone has become a very popular pastime among players, not only in the Netherlands but also in other countries around the world. The gambling game is attracting more and more users, and online casino operators are offering players to play blackjack on their mobile phone for real money. Comfortable conditions are created for customers, so the online format has become a good alternative to real games in land-based clubs.

Alexei Ivanov published a new article on his gambling portal, about mobile blackjack. The author talked about the gameplay, the peculiarities of choosing a casino to play and shared his personal secrets and told about the winning strategy. Beginners can easily understand the rules and start earning from scratch.

How did mobile blackjack originate in online casinos?

Blackjack has long been popular in many countries. The game originated in Nevada in 1931 and was called “Twenty One”. A fascinating discipline with simple rules, and a good opportunity to raise the stakes. Experienced players who were able to remember the cards, calculate their strategies and make good sums. The versions presented at web casinos are a little different, but the principle of the game and the rules themselves remain the same.

Mobile blackjack began to gain popularity with the development of mobile applications. More and more casino operators began to create their own mobile applications for the convenience of the players. Today, many brands are promoting their cutting-edge technology and offering players to play Live Blackjack with real live dealers on their mobile. This variant of the game allows you to fully immerse yourself in the gambling atmosphere.

The benefits of playing mobile blackjack are obvious:

  • no banner advertising;
  • does not need additional free space;
  • automatic technical updates;
  • simple interface;
  • easy to play regardless of location;
  • availability of bonuses for players of the mobile version.

“Before playing mobile blackjack, it is important to study the rules carefully as they are different in the European and American versions. There are important nuances to consider. I recommend starting the game in a demo mode to understand the rules and the process itself. There are many tips on my Zeus Casino portal that I used on myself while playing, ”said Alexei Ivanov on his page.

The difference of mobile blackjack at online casinos

The new online casinos specially developed for mobile versions have a practical adaptive screen resolution that makes it possible to adapt the application to any size of phone. The rules of the game do not differ in any way from the browser version. Unique is that a demo version can be run to get acquainted with the software itself. Not all mobile gaming disciplines can be tested, such as blackjack. Visitors will be able to develop their strategies without spending money personally.

For any gambler after starting blackjack, the field opens up, which in design is so much reminiscent of the real table. On the page are all the necessary buttons:

  • round activation;
  • Special Options: Undo, Divide, Stand, and Double;
  • Help button;
  • selection of chips;
  • personal framework for the field.

Every game of mobile blackjack at online casinos starts the same way. You can compete against the reseller or against other users. All cards in the deck correspond to a certain number of points. For example, numeric cards like sevens give the same value, while jacks, queens and kings each give 10. Aces can equal one point or 11, depending on the case. It is important for the user to collect a combination of blackjack cards, ie to score 21 points.

Review of reliable casinos with mobile blackjack in the Netherlands

Alexei Ivanov on Casino Zeus website shared his selection of reliable online casinos where you can play blackjack in the mobile version. Every site on the list is reliable and offers reasonable profits in a short time. Among the best virtual mobile casinos included:

  1. CrazePlay;
  2. Avalon78;
  3. Locowin Casino;
  4. BluVegas;
  5. cookies;
  6. dux.

In addition to playing comfortably, the brands provide users with a well-divided bonus program and generous promotional offers that allow them to make extra money. More than 3 million people have already registered on the sites and placed bets on the famous card game.

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