New: Indian Challenger Elite and Chieftain Elite Limited Editions –

Indian Motorcycle today unveiled two new limited edition baggers belonging to the Elite class. Indian Challenger Elite 2022 and Indian Chieftain Elite 2022 have limited availability and have a custom design.

Indian Challenger Elite

2022 marks the debut of the Indian Challenger Elite, of which only 200 units are available worldwide. Only 25 of them come to Europe. Its muscle-car-inspired styling attracts attention, while the class-leading performance delivers unmatched overtaking ability. First-class equipment and advanced driver assistance technology together provide a comfortable ride, whether you are driving through the city or on country roads.

Muscle car inspired styling

Challenger Elites Stealth Gray and Black Metallic lacquer, combined with Indy Red accents, are the epitome of American power. A red sewn seat and color-matched Elite logos complete the bike’s performance design.

Industry-leading performance

At the heart of the Indian Challenger Elite is the liquid-cooled PowerPlus engine with a displacement of 1,768 cc (108 ci). With its class-leading 122 hp and 178 Nm of torque, the Indian Challenger Elites V-twin offers incredible performance with unmatched overtaking ability.

Riders can customize throttle response mapping by selecting one of three Rain, Standard, or Sport riding modes, resulting in a bike with three distinct performance personalities. Each driving mode has specific traction control operating settings that match the throttle response response mapping.

Premium equipment and driver assistance technology

Extensive first-class equipment and driver assistance technology enable riders to cover hundreds of miles a day effortlessly. Fox®’s electronically adjustable rear suspension biasing makes it easy for riders to tune their motorcycle for extra load or the presence of a passenger. The intuitive Smart Lean technology ensures trustworthy handling. Backlit switches allow the rider to better see the motorcycle’s controls in the dark. The adaptive headlamp, together with the LED daytime running light, provides superior lighting; this headlight adjusts the distribution of the light based on the oblique angle of the motorcycle. An adjustable curved windshield, exclusive floorboards and heated handles contribute to a comfortable driving experience.

In addition, an enhanced and fully integrated 400-watt PowerBand sound system, including saddlebag speakers, produces crystal clear sound at any speed. The industry-leading 7-inch touchscreen with RIDE COMMAND features Apple CarPlay and GPS navigation *. Standard equipment on the Indian Challenger Elite includes ABS, keyless start, tire pressure monitoring and weather-resistant saddlebags with remote lock with over 68 liters of storage space.

Chieftain Elite

Designed for discerning riders who demand the best of the best, the Chieftain Elite 2022 combines refined design with custom-designed details right from the factory. Of the 150 units produced, only 20 are available in Europe, making the Chieftain Elite a very exclusive model.

Custom style design

The details make the difference. For example, the Chieftain Elite’s distinctive Heavy Metal Smoke color is complemented by premium bronze details, including the headgear for the Indian motorcycle tank, saddlebag locks, center console, clutch cover and airbox. Oil-rubbed bronze details on the engine’s push rod tube, horn cover and camshaft cover take the Chieftain Elite style straight from the factory to a whole new level.

Chieftain Elite’s streamlined hood and compact saddlebags with sharp lines and hard edges contribute to the motorcycle’s aggressive look. In addition, LED lighting on the saddlebags, two-seater comfort seat, low-profile suspension, precision machined rims and premium black trim details complete the Chieftain Elite’s distinctive style.

Air-cooled V-twin

Chieftain Elite delivers class-leading performance thanks to the most powerful air-cooled Indian motorcycle engine, the Thunderstroke 116, with a torque of 171 Nm. The rear cylinder cut-off system improves riding comfort when driving in slower traffic, while the three selectable Tour, Standard and Sport driving modes allow riders to tailor the motorcycle’s throttle response to their riding style.

Equipment and driving assist technology

Chieftain Elite 2022 comes standard with premium equipment, including an Adaptive Pathfinder LED headlight, adjustable tinted curved windshield, exclusive spacious aluminum floorboards, LED saddlebag backlighting, backlit switches and an integrated 400-watt PowerBand sound system. Like the Indian Challenger Elite, the Chieftain Elite features the 7-inch touch screen with RIDE COMMAND and Apple CarPlay® and GPS navigation *. Standard equipment includes ABS, keyless start, tire pressure monitoring and weather-resistant saddlebags with remote lock with over 68 liters of storage space.

Riders who want to personalize their Indian Challenger Elite or Chieftain Elite can do so with a variety of style, comfort and touring accessories. Indian Challenger Elite riders can give the rear end an even more customized look with Pathfinder LED lighting on the saddlebags, while Chieftain Elite riders can add even more lighting to the front with Pathfinder S LED daytime running lights. Elite riders can also take their comfort to an even higher level with the ClimaCommand heated and cooled two-seater seat with individual controls for rider and passenger. Riders of both models can enjoy long rides with the versatile Spirit Lake Luggage Collection, color-matched, hard undercoats, color-matched trunk and a PowerBand sound system of up to 800 watts.

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