Plans for a company hotel on Laarberg


Plans for a company hotel on Laarberg

‘A comfortable, safe place with all facilities for flex workers and migrant workers’

By Kyra Broshuis

GROENLO – A company hotel to accommodate knowledge workers, flex workers and migrant workers in a responsible and sustainable way. This is the plan that BINX Smartility and Area Development Laarberg are currently working on. Housing for migrant workers in particular and flex jobs have been a major problem for years, and this is of course also a problem in Groenlo. Years back, in 2017, there was already a plan for group housing for Vion employees. For this purpose, a building on the Eibergseweg would be built as part of the Brouwhuizen district. This was an initiative from the Rouwmaat Group in collaboration with the employment service Flexcraft, which provided staff to Vion. However, the municipality did not agree with that plan because living in a separate housing complex would not promote integration. The municipality prefers that the people be spread out over Groenlo. Since then, several parties (OOG, PvdA, CDA and VVD) have drawn attention to the housing of migrant workers.

Bart Wopereis and Bas Hommelink from BINX Smartility are now investigating the possible need and possibility of a business hotel at the Laarberg business park. Laarberg Area Company stimulates the plan and facilitates the initiators of the feasibility study. “We believe that with a corporate hotel we can meet the expected growth in the number of knowledge workers, flex workers and migrant workers working for companies in Laarberg and in the region,” say Wopereis and Hommelink. “We regularly employ flex workers for installation and construction work and recently invested in a company that responsibly posts and houses Polish installation teams in the Netherlands. If we can accommodate our temps at Laarberg, it not only saves a lot of kilometers and time. We therefore have the certainty that people who work for us stay in a comfortable and safe place with all the facilities they need, “says Wopereis. accommodate their employees.These houses will now remain available to first-time buyers or those advancing in the housing market.

High demands
The Owners’ Association of Laarberg has researched the need for a company hotel. Two-thirds of respondents state that they see added value in the initiative in the near future. “The next step is to present the plan to the members of the Industrial Circle Groenlo and Lichtenvoorde, to also test the need there. We have also engaged an architect for a counting model, a basic design that provides insight into the plan’s possibilities.” The area company Laarberg has prepared a comprehensive requirements program, which includes the maximum length of stay and the standards for the housing units and facilities to be built. “Because the site is not close to the core of Groenlo, we are thinking of various facilities for employees, such as a distribution point for daily shopping, entertainment and loan bikes to go to work.”

Nice alternative
For Laarberg, the company hotel would represent a promising expansion of the existing service for entrepreneurs, says Henk Hoogmoed from Area Company. “Highly designed and well-run homes on the site would be a good alternative for the employees who are now brought back and forth from Laarberg to, for example, Arnhem. We see benefits for employees and companies as well as for the environment. The homes on Laarberg also mean that there are no immediate neighbors around the company hotel, while the employees live in a nice green place close to their work. ”

To be continued.

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